2 Dietitians Review Popular Weight Loss Diets

hey everyone I’m a be sharp and I’ma be later we are both opinionated dieticians and we gonna be fun to take apart a few of the most outrageous diets we’ve seen out there there’s a lot about a lot of ones yeah it’s like actually like eating paper towel tities powder it’s health does but the reality is I think people actually think this is gonna work because be honest it may work because you’re cutting out so many important healthy great foods but you just be so miserable why what’s the point of eating yeah the couch is like yeah I think there’s a difference we prosecute an ulcer process they talk about that all the time so ultra-processed obviously it’s great to limit those but process like we’ve gained a lot of game a lot of benefits from some of the technology over the past few years as a ship knows and important it kind of prevents a lot of diseases this serious it’s something we want to prevent yeah we both know this one addy and I both written about the butter coffee excuse it’s frothy and delicious so really obviously this is just a marketing plug to sell more of a specific kind of coffee the guy who invented it has not one iota of scientific or nutrition background at all yeah people say they they feel really cool but the butter the coffee has 600 hours yeah obviously gonna feel full that’s quite a breakfast like well I just take a chunk of crystals yeah no my mother oh no no I’ll say can’t talk some sense of or let’s be honest we have like our own pH balancing mechanisms if we didn’t we would die we would die from eating it or in any other day a can of coke on your Nelly you know I think it’s also because people think cancers rising in this acidic environment by eating acidic foods then it creates this cancer flourishing environments that that’s not where your body works in soon no I think those diets may t work because again they’re just restrictive and anything that’s restricted that’s cutting out foods so I’m a magic alkaline pill it’s just like hey you’re eating fewer things so you would like it’s gonna suck more and you’re gonna eat less like yeah okay okay no one on this diet ever ever the Master Cleanse but what a bar I actually went too far you got lemon juice maple syrup up carb and cayenne pepper in water and that’s all you’re gonna drink this is the Master Cleanse it is the granddaddy of all cleanses this is gonna make me skinny it’s gonna make me clear-headed it’s gonna make all my bloating and inflammation go my brain fog Oh broad brain fog what is that I actually don’t understand what brain fog is I don’t feel foggy and I eat everything yeah well thanks so much for watching and thank you Abbi for joining me thank you for having me and for more great nutrition banter be sure to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you next time on happy citizens

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