[Music] [Music] I cannot weeks no time bitch our mini Thomas my house is without down all of this on my watch alright guys so I’m back again and basically like well first let’s take a look at my outfit but okay so the reason why I got on here today is to talk about lose weight pills like I basically been like on taking pills and I want to see as far as like how much weight I could lose within the pills and whatnot so these are the two plates that are true [Music] that’s one okay so basically like as far as anything about music I’m sorry okay so basically I’ve treated used to do all these two pills and as you can see when I first started off I was 267 pounds like when I first started my youtube you guys probably feel way better like that far far videos you can see where I was like almost like 250 almost and like when I had my own apartment stuff like that I was like you know reaching almost like 270 pounds and now I’m like 229 and still counting but um yeah like basically um at first I was losing weight because you know a lot of depression a lot of stress and whatnot but then also I wanted to see like I noticed like sometimes like when I get real stressed out I tend to eat a lot and you know that’s no problem you know most people handle stress differently they do different things but I knew for a fact that I didn’t want to go back to the size that I was being so or the weight that I was being so I decided to take up some pills so the first one that I’m talking about is this one right here can’t even pronounce it Garcinia vanya I’m not sure please correct me if I didn’t say it right but this one sucks like when I took this I mean they could work differently for everyone but when I took this one on it seemed like I wanted to eat a lot more sweets I don’t know why but I kept my knee anything that was sweet like and you know these are like vitamins so you know to me it seems as if they’re like vitamins but I kept one eat something sweet and I felt like I was getting weight when I took these and I didn’t like it like so what I did was I would take one and then even in the back you know tell you what to do but basically I will take one before I eat a meal I took like almost like two a day I think and I would try to like weigh myself in every other week and I noticed like I’ll at least like either lose one pound and then like a gang like probably two counts the next day or something like that all just depends but I just felt like these pills weren’t exact because like when you look upon the websites or anything like that you’d be like oh what’s the best weight loss pills or some thought that these were pop up like this will pop up like I said they work differently like they may work good for someone but didn’t work good for me but as if from my perspective they didn’t work good for me um when I first took one you know I smelled everything and stuff like that and these have like a um a fruity smell I could show you the I think they have like the flavor is only probably like strawberry and grape probably but this one was the strawberry one and you know it got all that sugary stuff on there and this one’s the great one and that’s basically about it and there’s so many of them left because like I just stopped taking this like when I noticed I wasn’t losing as much weight I just stopped taking it and I just felt like it was just a waste of time so but moving OH also like when I had took these like I didn’t feel anything like you know usually sometimes you have like side effects and stuff like that that you’ll feel one thing I can’t say my stomach was hurting a lot when I took these like they were hearing a lot my stomach was hurting real bad and it was like sometimes when I got hungry I just needed to get something sweet like I didn’t understand I was craving sweet stuff so that was my review for these pills like I just feel like these are no the next person I’ll take are slim quick here and I love these Oh these articles I actually like help me continue to lose on my way like I actually lost about like I would say probably twelve pounds taking these and the be honest with you I also kept making sure I weigh in like what I would do is I would take um I’ll eat something and then I’ll take a pill right after it so I’ll take probably about like two of these a day so I don’t really too much eat breakfast like that but if I eat breakfast I’ll you like a boiled egg and for lunch I was worried about using English because I’ll be at work all day so by the time I eat like a dinner meal or something like that I’ll take a pill and one thing I can say is like the side effects with these pills it’s like you are gonna experience a lot of bleeding like a lot of bloating with these pills um I felt bloated Ally I did have to use a bathroom so much like taking these pills like I think that’s just starting off because as I continue to take these everyday and stuff like that I didn’t have to use the bathroom as much it was more so like it curves my appetite and that’s one thing I like about these pills like some people may say these pills don’t work for them but for me it worked and I was actually around like 238 when I took these like that was when I had started you know losing my weight and stuff like that I was 238 and now like I’m 229 and I’m still trying to lose more and more weight so um yeah basically just take about two or three days a day and take some as soon as you get done eating a meal now one thing I can’t say is you are gonna experience your stomach rinse so don’t think that’s like oh my god my stomach hurts oh man to be honest with you I feel like the more this may sound weird but the more that you who you losing weight because that’s a lot of waste that’s coming out of you like seriously that is so true to me and to be honest with you like one thing I can’t say these are really good as far as what curb your appetite like I could take this and say friends that I can eat like peanut butter and jelly sandwich take one of these and then probably want to eat again the next day like some people may say that’s not healthy you that’s not that that’s not this but I have a purpose for me losing you know something I’m trying to do with my career goals and stuff like that but you know all understanding is if you want to try it out and see how you do please take some of these like these to work and as you can see I really don’t even have that much left of these like I’ve been taking them so much it’s literally all I have love like I take these all the time 60 of these in here and I’ve been taking them often so you know I’m just telling you guys as far as like how I work and stuff like that um as far as with working out I haven’t been working out because I’m waiting for me to get a little bit more money as far as with my job and I was only again on my mom membership and you know you could continue to draw weight off of that as well but I’m not gonna say with these pills you you have to maintain a good eating habit you have to maintain you know exercising it stuff like that that’s not going to work because the be honest with you with these pills I have not exercised like I’m being so honest with you I have not exercised one thing I can’t say is with these pills I’ve been on my feet a lot so you know if you keeping yourself active and stuff like that and I just sitting around the house and stuff like that of course you know you’re gonna drop way off for that but don’t expect to lose weight and you just like you eat sleep and just sit around on sometimes you got to remain active people remain active but that’s basically what I wanted to review on um if you guys have any more questions or anything like that with the pills please leave them below again remember these are my experience I know I’m gonna have some mean youtuber that’s gonna comment and say something smart and stuff like that I just need to deal with it but yeah once again cuz the pills that I think are so quick and so get you some by the way thank you to all my new subscribers I gained over like two subscribers ever since I dropped the own Jacksonville slang video don’t forget to watch that you guys actually just uploaded that recently the other day and just thank you so much to my subscribers I love you guys and by the way you guys want to start seeing my outfit of the day when I start posting where I got my stuff from and everything like that please let me know because I need more ideas from YouTube I have ideas that I’m gonna do but at the same time you know I do be busy and you know these holidays are coming up so we’re trying to make sure that we stay good with those but I hope everyone have a good day Merry Christmas to all of you all and I say brothers

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