you hey guys welcome back to rackboyz fitness it’s Nikki from style 48 and today I’ll be sharing with you one of my weight loss secrets I’m really excited about this because I’m going to be sharing a whole bunch of secrets with you on how I lost over 25 pounds one thing I have to share with you tonight completely I’m crazy about its chia seeds the reason I love chia seeds is because number one they’re so healthy they’re high in fiber and omega-3 and number two they fill you up like crazy I mean you just it doesn’t matter what you’re eating after a few minutes you get crazy full and I love that so you eat a lot less now how I use um chia seeds as I put on everything I eat it doesn’t matter what it is even if it’s a chocolate bar all right now I’m just joking so even go buy a chocolate bar I think it’s okay to eat that but um I thought everything I eat I usually use either a tablespoon or a teaspoon and just pour it on my food you can actually use as much as you want it’s amazing and it gives you such a great bowel movement and not diarrhea a great bowel movement on the regular basis so you’re going to love that about it now I just want to show you what happens to your stomach when you arm each Yazid’s do you see this this been sitting here about 15 minutes to a half an hour within a half an hour usually it gets even thicker so look at that that’s what happens in your stomach it gets really thick and it expands and it pulls you up so quickly you’re going to love it so you want to put on everything that you eat the next thing is that you want to make sure that you still workout you still eat a proper diet you still have a proper diet and still to exercise when using anything to help fool your stomach up okay so pull you up excuse me so that’s really important um the taste is regular it tastes like it doesn’t taste like anything so don’t feel feel weird if you put it on your food and water husband it actually enhances your food especially if you’re gonna eat a little pizza which I don’t recommend maybe once or twice a week know once every two weeks but if you put on pizza tastes amazing fish amazing it really doesn’t affect the way you taste it just enhance it so that’s the awesome thing about it now what I do is any time I’m going anywhere I carry it with me because you know you never know when you have to grab something on the road to eat or you stop in that friend’s house and you’re going to eat something you just take a little bit put it in a little container and take it with you put it on everything that you eat make it a habit to carry a chia seeds around okay now if anyone out there has ever used Hsieh seeds hit me up I would love to know how it has worked for you if it has worked for you if you guys have to have any questions or concerns or want to know more information about how it has worked for me as you can see it’s really directed to my stomach my stomach has gone down so much I’ve lost so much weight off of this little secret just hit me up on send me a comment and I’ll definitely hit you back up now stay tuned for a lot more secrets I have so much good secrets juicy secrets especially for my ladies out there all right so I see you soon on the next episode of rat boys fitness by having my cheat day me and my pizza but I forgot my chia seeds chia seeds if man we put chia seeds on everything and they’re especially good on pizza you wouldn’t think so but I love them on pizza gotta have chia seeds people put them on everything putting them on everything this is a roast beef and cheese sandwich I’m putting chia seeds all over everywhere so they see I had pizza for dinner today I’m back focus doing it right got some baked flounder some broccoli no seasoning well other than a little bit of seasoning on the on the flounder and I’m gonna add my chia seeds telling you about these chia seeds chia seeds are serious people yeah I’m focused today right got to eat clean I don’t have rice in two or three months but chia seeds on everything it’s not a game she has seeds on everything

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