does hypnosis work for weight loss

when it comes to losing weight you’ve heard it all but you haven’t heard this the doctors have discovered six simple ways for you to weigh less hypnotize yourself to a better body all new on the doctors well another mind over fatter method that works for a lot of people is bloomer not hypnotherapy here’s what you could expect if you give it a try tell me a little bit about your goals today I’m here because I really want to lose weight 60 pounds what would it be like for you to be 60 pounds lighter I bathed by kilometers so the first thing that we’re going to do is call an induction now continue focusing on that same point meanwhile your mind focuses on the sound of my voice it’s almost as though the hand has a mind of its own and the only thing it wants to do is just touch your face very good and we see you in Lewis’s the channel hotels the badges are so variance or so he’ll distant shoes to your comical proteins veggies salads then your breathing back up four and five wide-awake and feeling great welcome back Monica how was that well it was like 30 minutes at the best sleep ever my mind is just like a ping-pong ball all over the place and I don’t want to cheeseburger a lot of people are going to be skeptical of hypnosis hypnosis has shown some great results in eating disorders and smoking cessation it’s a way to let the unconscious take over and to help stop some of the cravings and some of those dopamine impulses that come with needing food and for many people it’s very very effective in fact Monica joins us today in the audience Monica you’ve had one session have you noticed any difference I’ve noticed so many it’s it’s really kind of unbelievable to me we have to remember that thoughts are things and what we think about ourselves or what we think about our behaviors will become reality if we think them over and over if you say I am lovable I deserve this or I do not crave sugar or I love vegetables and you say it enough times it becomes part of you so point is it works for you and I think all these things are worth exploring I think so you

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