[Music] [Applause] hey everybody welcome back to my channel I am so excited to be sharing with you this video because this is my final thoughts and my weight loss reveal after doing the GM diet so if you’ve been watching my GM vlogs I was doing this in collaboration with Alexandra Hicks all like Alex’s channel down below and you can go on to her entire week and her weight loss results this week was absolutely amazing I have nothing but good things to say about this diet it really it’s kind of crazy how well it works if you’re just coming and watching this video and you didn’t watch the other vlogs or my intro to what the diet is um it’s the General Motors diet yes the car company look if you really fast outline of what each day was so day one was fruits only fruits and water so it’s so you have as many fruits as you want except for bananas day two was veggies and you could have one potato and then the rest just had to be regular wedges no more potatoes and then the third day was fruits and veggies again no bananas and no potatoes on that date and unlimited water they wanted you to drink at least two glasses with every basically every meal so if you had snack they wanted you to drink two glasses if you had a meal two glasses and so on day four was milk and bananas which was my least favorite day but the champion of this entire week was the cabbage soup the GM miracle or wonder soup and that was amazing from date for to day seven we have as much soup as you wanted yeah I just made a huge pot and I basically ate that for the rest of the week day five was basically two servings of ten ounces of meat six tomatoes you had to have that day I believe you could have both fruits and veggies that day and day six was unlimited amounts of lean proteins with no fruits and just veggies and then Game seven was fruits and veggies and rice and I absolutely told Alex I’m so sorry that you couldn’t have fruits on the last day but you can you can have fruits and veggies and brown rice I really have nothing negative to say about this diet except for the fact that I didn’t like the milk and bananas today other than that I was super impressed pretty much from the beginning I felt instantly really good um you can have coffee as long as it’s black even an herbal tea no soda no diet soda no fruit juices and less we make them yourself so right then and there you’re eliminating a lot if you drink your coffee with cream and sugar or pee drink pop and then also your body just goes right into like a weird date with starting with fruit that was a very interesting but it really set up the rest of the week to be better because I was really looking forward to eating veggies and then you slowly incorporated me my one takeaway is that I think that I could actually go of it become a vegetarian because I really did not miss meat at all and typically I don’t enjoy meat like other people do on so that was one thing that I really took away that maybe that’s something I could consider in the future I’ve done the whole 30 and I want to say that I feel as good if not better then when I did the whole 30 which is so crazy to me this just really restarted my body and how I feel and my mental state I just feel really really good that’s pretty much all I’m gonna say or else I’m gonna jibber jabber on for too long again it was amazing if you’re thinking about it try it it’s only one week and I basically feel like it’s a cleanse so what I know you’re all here for is for my actual weight loss results and measurement saucer so I’ll start with the measurements so around my um my bust I lost half an inch this is all in one week the song will meet but actually before I even get into that I want to preface by saying I also was running I ran three times and I played hockey so I I was exercising as well but I haven’t seen any real results up until now so okay so I lost half an inch on my my chest or on my stomach I lost an inch and a half around my stomach which could be bloating it could be many other things but that was big and around my hips I lost an entire inch and for me my hips are my my problem area that’s the place that is hardest for me so losing an entire inch if like mind-blowing it’s so noticeable and it only you know you you think oh it’s only one inch but it makes a huge difference it’s unbelievable and then how much weight I actually lost I actually lost seven point four pounds that’s right in one week that’s so crazy to me because that’s a pound a day I’m not surprised but I’m very pleasantly surprised now this diet promises anywhere upwards of 10 to 17 pounds so I’m kind of under that range and that’s okay I didn’t go in expecting to lose 20 pounds the fact that I lost seven pounds I’m very happy with and I am going to do another round of this not right away I’m leaving a few days who knows but I feel amazing I think this is absolutely fantastic can be pricey and you don’t plan ahead so if you’re gonna do this make sure you’re planning ahead buying in bulk that sort of thing because a lot of the things that you eat a repeat during the week and then the cabbage soup was the highlight of the entire week so those are my thoughts though that’s my opinion I loved it I am gonna do it again and I recommend it so ten out of ten it was very easy and accessible and you could do this in a bit having a busy life I don’t have much more to say other than it was awesome and if you want to speed my entire week I will have those links down below and you can go to my channel you can also go to Alex’s Channel and watch her video she was so awesome to do this with we were texting the entire week with our you know issues and what we wanted and if we were tired or if we were having a great day it was awesome to have the support of one another and she’s amazing so go down check out her channel stay high subscribe and yeah let me know if you are gonna try this diet because I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and your review I hope that you enjoy this video I hope that you enjoyed all the vlogs from last week and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I will see you again video bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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