so let your Chapel I know but eat your food you gonna eat your nugget yes oh yeah so sit on the floor and watch TV you know sit on the floor what oh no you don’t need no Chuck I listen okay okay I’ll give you some lip balm but you eat your food so listen yeah okay yeah but eat your happy meal um having meal grandma’s gonna do this okay well it is what’s up you guys it’s thrill of course so this video is going to be something like it’s not really formal you know it’s just an informative video I did promise you guys that I would do this video and I really didn’t want to do it this weekend so I’m doing it now my friends was to do it earlier this week but I had no to or I had a missing tooth so now I am all done up not really done up but I had my new teeth okay so these are my permanent teeth now and I’m so happy with them they were done Thursday the 15th of June so I’ve been smiling every since Thursday okay I think my mouth hurts a little bit because I’ve been smiling so much but it takes some used to take some getting used to because um I keep licking the backside of them in the arm front because they’re like so smooth they stay they feel like porcelain well they are porcelain and um they have goals inside my dentist hooked me up but um he did like an amazing job on them you know like they’re not too bright white they match my own teeth perfectly so I wish my teeth were bright way but you’re good like all shade of white but somebody’s used to smoke cigarette so if I fight bright in my teeth like bleach my natural teeth I don’t know if these will turn like bleach – I have to ask him that when I go back in three weeks to get my teeth fool because I do have to still go back and get more construction or whatever you want to call it done to my mouth but yeah so it’s taking me a little bit used to getting used to and also certain letters or words I um really have an issue or you can hear like a risk of me pronouncing them because I’m just not used to them oh so yeah but I’m happy that my gap got fixed because you know I wasn’t born with the gap so Oh bless you you could like cover your mouth get out of here you’re not getting my stucco issue bless you okay go City police is coming in two three four week anyways so yeah that’s my grandson although that that works and I do have a frackie can’t even like me some work but I’ll drink that and then I’m it’s like an X lack it’ll make me go to the bathroom okay all right side I don’t wanna know front row so this video is all about these that I’d be taken which are the Hydroxycut now these are the Hydroxycut pro clinical lose weight now in no way shape or form am I being sponsored by them I have been taking these things for years and a lot of people want to know how have I lost so much weight in the past couple of months because I really did move a lot of weight I was 224 pounds like two months ago so now I am like 204 so now I weigh 240 pounds so let me tell y’all I have been taking these for years like seriously like literally I’ve been taking these for you not just from when I moved here to Arizona which would be four years but I used to take these when I lived in you’re not the one they give you a lot of energy because it is cat feeding them but it also boosts your metabolism and you know metabolism is what burns fat burns boudoir burns effect and some women some people in general the metabolism doesn’t work as speedy or as fast as you would want it to you know like when were younger sometimes is a little bit harder for us to gain weight I know when I was younger it used to take me like forever the game way I couldn’t gain weight so because I had a good metabolism was just super fast I would burn fat a lot and as I got older unfortunately it doesn’t work like that some people are born like that cool they’re so fortunate their body just burns fat like you know like that but for others it’s not a luxury like myself because I think like if your body can burn fat that quick it’s a damn luxury so sometimes I need like a boost to help me um and I didn’t notice this like past few months ago probably like six seven months ago I started noticing this and that’s why I went back to taking the Hydroxycut so the one it has caffeine in it so it does keep some people though it doesn’t really do that for me I think because I’m so used to it now but it also gives me energy so I don’t really I wouldn’t really want to say that it’ll keep you awoke but it will give you energy which is great because some people are not morning people some people are really sluggish in the morning so it does give you energy it boosts your metabolism does this stop you from eating it does not stop you from eating so it doesn’t suppress your appetite that it doesn’t do it for me but like I said it does boost my metabolism and it gives me like a world of energy plus I’m not really like a morning person but I do like to get up in the morning so once I take these as soon as I wake up I’m good I’m energized I’m ready to go I’m ready to go but so here’s the thing you really need to be careful when taking these there’s a lot of different ones on the market when I say a lot of different ones there’s a lot of different diet pills but there’s also a lot of different Hydroxycut pills as well I don’t really mess with like the gummy gummy bear ones that they have or there’s ones that are just for women or there’s one that’s just for men or there’s pro ones you know me I stick to what has been working for me for years and which is these now on these it does say it’s America’s number one selling weight-loss supplement and to me I really believe that that’s true because it really does help me lose weight so when I take these I do shed a lot of towns like super quick and for somebody that doesn’t like to exercise like I’m the honest with you guys I don’t exercise at all I did I did walk I was walking for like a few months but then I got really dressed really hot out here so I stopped walking but I wasn’t walking to lose weight and honestly it wasn’t helping me lose weight like me walking was not making me lose weight I was walking for three miles every day that was for my knees because I do have what’s right in my right knee so it was helping me with my knee to strengthen my knee for me to be able to come up and down the steps so that’s the reason why I was walking it wasn’t to lose weight if it was to lose weight girl I would have been really pissed off so it didn’t help me at all lose weight I was also at the gym working out daily at the YMCA but it seemed like no matter what I did and how I was eating I was eating healthy I was drinking healthy out drink nothing but what I stopped drinking alcohol and I stopped smoking weed I still was not losing weight as I was working out I started just gaining weight I just kept gaining weight that’s how I end up going to 224 pounds so I kind of got depressed with the whole gym membership because the one it was just like really down and I was kind of looming in and I just went back to take in these so I mean like you can see like a lot of my videos my face has went down dramatically and also that I do have like look books from a few months ago I think like from back in March where I was a lot bigger and I was wearing like a size arm depending on what brand some to add someone and whatever now we’re like a large /f large depending on who it’s made by but it does make you lose a lot of weight but for one the number one thing is there’s side effects to everything I have noticed that a lot of people have high blood pressure they really can’t take diet pills and you also should really go and talk with your doctor your physician before you take any type of urban encounter pills especially diet pills but this is the weight loss thing some people it makes their heart rate rapid and may make your blood pressure raise it all depends each person is totally different where would you go sit down and go pick up your french fries with me I really don’t have any side effects unless it’s some other type of diet pill I have tried other diets in the past prior to Hydroxycut and really oddly they did not work for me on a couple of them I have passed out from and I had like rapid heart rate on so a lot of them really didn’t work for me but this one does work for me um so for one this one comment was I’m not really sure if they all come like this but I have noticed that you now do get 90 pills in the bottle and it also says what stories go so I think the best water bodies would be from like at Walmart or like maybe GNC at Walmart they’re always nineteen dollars at the grocery store at Kroger’s which is fries here I was so lucky as to one time they had a buy one get one free deal so I actually got two of them for the price of one which is great if you’re going to like other places sometimes you can find them a little bit more like by two dollars but always check it like Walmart Walmart you’ll never see them when I will never have like a buy one get one free sale so definitely check your grocery store because they do have them a lot of times and it always haven’t one sale so everybody loves a good still and also like G and C I’m health food store so this one comes with nine details and it used to come with sixty then it went up to 72 the now it’s been 90 it’s been 90 for the past couple of months so this is how this works okay from day one to day three you are to take one tablet two times a day so like you will take two pills a day for the first three days okay so of course you’re going to space them out now you want to drink a lot of water to consume like 8 to 10 glasses of water every day me I drink a lot of water out here because it’s super hot and it desert so I just stay higher and a lot of times water is the most thing that I always drink ok so once you are on day 4 and Beyond it said so once you have facts that read show up day 3 you want to take to caplets twice a day so that’s 4 pills a day ok 4 pills a day so meaning honestly my best thing to you guys who want to take this is as soon as you wake up in the morning take your first two because you have to take bless you he’s going to sneeze the first thing that I would do because you have to take ok just a second you have to take 4 a day and it says take 2 caplets quite right so you know you have to take two at a time so my suggestion because it has caffeine now there is another brand buy them same exact one but it doesn’t have caffeine in it me honestly and they’ll say no caffeine I like the one with the caffeine because like I said I like the energy and I like to be water woke in the morning so I like the caffeine but if you don’t want to take the caffeine so you don’t have to learn what you can do is like so else I know they have this one and they have the non caffeine one so in the morning time they take two of the caffeine pills and in like mid evening they’ll take two of the non caffeine pills what you makes a lot of sense because some people caffeine is in their body and they can’t fall asleep I used to in the beginning for a while when I noticed that it would keep me up I only would take two pills a day and this didn’t really help me too much it kind of made the whole on progress super slow only taking two in doses take four a day it made my whole entire process like really really slow so I said you know what your body has to get used to it and that’s the main thing your body has to get used to it would you go really well so like I was saying my suggestion for those of who want to take these and you want to take the one with the caffeine I would say take it early as possible as soon as you wake up the first two and then like around 4:00 in the afternoon take the next two so that way you’re not taking them too late evening I mean I’ll take them later evening depending all the time I did I like to get an early but if I forget normally I just keep them right here on my desk so I know that they’re there but like I haven’t taken any yet in it it’s 8:42 okay I’ll put this 8:42 so in the evening so I’m still thank you I know if elephant high okay social Monkee ah nothing so I’ll take the two because it doesn’t keep me away I’m used to it but there are a lot of side effects or not even a lot of side effects but with any products you take you have to be aware and you have to read like what what it can do you actions or anything acting to having a side effect to you anything and have a side effect you now a lot of people probably want to know what if you stop taking them are you going to put the weight one so there’s been a time when I have taken them for so long that I had to stop taking them because I just kept losing weight and losing weight and because it was in my system still it took like about 30 days for me to put me there like totally get rid of them out of my system so I still losing weight after I was still taken so you will still lose weight but if you stop taking them after a while of course you’re going to gain weight if you’re not doing anything to maintain your weight loss if you’re not eating healthy like okay so do I eat healthy I really don’t eat healthy like I mean like I don’t eat junk food I don’t eat junk food but when I say I don’t eat healthy means I don’t eat three meals a day I don’t eat breakfast so I don’t eat like I should like maybe I’ll eat like once or twice a day and that’s it like so that’s not really even healthy to me I drink a lot of water and from occasionally I have like something like this only because I don’t eat anything at all say it’s not 8:44 in the evening and I have not eaten anything and all today but I’ll go through the whole day without eating because I’ll be busy making a wig or I’ll be doing videos and I’ll be hungry but I won’t eat because I’m just on a roll so the only thing that I really did do today was drink some vodka okay which that’s not eating healthy to me he is so crazy right now okay I think he is really crazy so like I say it does boosts your metabolism um it’s not healthy to give to children so I want to suggest you try to give this to your child so they are very active ingredients in some other Hydroxycut products and I really cannot pronounce these like papaya which is the car Garcia papaya I really can’t pronounce these but it does give you a breakdown of what’s inside of them some of them include green coffee bean extract which also makes you lose weight and also has caffeine in it on the Hydroxycut website contains studies that reports on an average of ten point nine to 50 pound weight loss in you know overweight volunteers who take a green tea extract for 60 days that is in use in some Hydroxycut also if you take these pills along with like a green tea and a lot of people like to drink green tea you know that’s a really good detox if you take these with green tea you’ll lose more weight so that’s why what I would do because we have loads of green tea here I just don’t like the taste of it and you know you’re not really supposed to have it with sugar but I just I’m not really a tea person the rest got free sugar honey in anything but they don’t like I said it all depends on what you combine your meal with um this but I happen lately I have been I have just joined a new gym which is lifetime fitness and it’s amazing there they have a pool I don’t know how to swim but I do do the minimums we do the water aerobics so we England drown so that is for an hour I twice a week we do that but I do notice that it’s great to take these before I go to gym because I’d be so energized not be ready to get moving okay so it says those times how does Hydroxycut work like I said it all depends on how you take it what’s your weight loss is ten to fifty pounds if I’ve lost like 20 pounds so far so okay so like when Hydroxycut first came out there were certain things in it arm that would damage people who liver would give you a seizure so I know there’s a lot of people that have left comments on some of my videos like you don’t have to take that you can take something else or you can do this listen to each is own okay I’m my own person so what’s good for you may not be good for me and what’s good for me just definitely may not be good for you yeah I’m saying but but those who things like okay what are these ingredients that are giving people seizures or liver disease or liver failure those ingredients are not included in Hydroxycut and haven’t been and like the longest amount of time this product has been out for years and years and years and you really don’t hear about too many people I’ve never heard anybody dying off of Hydroxycut when i have purchased these they’re like walmart and stuff they will ID you I’m not really sure why but it does say you should be 18 and over the K pieces like I said you’re not supposed to give you the chosen so they will ID you if you’re not 18 trust and believe they’re not going to let you purchase these depending on where you live but they will I do because this is like a drug not really a drug but your thing so does Hydroxycut works for me it has I still do need to work out I have lost like a tremendous amount of weight um I lost my but unfortunately um my Cemetery is still there it’s not as big but I have noticed that if I wear my waist trainer more then I lose a lot more areas in my stomach more belly fat but let me tell ya something we’re not saying every day all day long is like listen girl I can’t do it I don’t know how a lot of people do it all the time and like I’ll be up for like I will do it sometimes I just can’t sometimes I just can’t especially after I eat I be just feeling like I’m dying and then it’s so hot out here it’s like I just can’t I just really really can’t so yeah I try and then I do but they’re not just stop and then I don’t don’t do that don’t do so anyway my highly number one advice you guys if you want to try it just because is to definitely make sure that you guys you have high blood pressure please go and consult with your physician before you take this because a lot of friends that I know that have high blood pressure they cannot take any type of diet pills so definitely consult your physician if you have high blood pressure or if you feel like you have high blood pressure okay and also if you don’t want to be a walk all night long then by all means get the non caffeine one I can’t really tell you about the gummies or the other ones that Hydroxycut sells because I’ve never used them okay this is the one that I have been using for ever and it works for me and I know a lot of people like well why do you keep taking it because I’ll stop using it for like a year and then I’m getting so much weight that it’s like okay girl listen I’m have to go get some help and he’s always helping me like seriously they always always really really help you so I’d be happy about that but now it’s time to like tone it up so like you’re not going to be toned by taking Hydroxycut but you will lose some weight depending on a person I’m not promising you guys are going to lose as much weight as me or more or less you know saying like I said it all depends on your body and also your health condition so it’s to each his own what’s good for me may not be good for you and what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander you know the old same so definitely check it out research it consult a physician if you feel bit leery about it because I will never want anybody to like pass out from it but to me it were as well and apologies it’s oh yes love me from hard drives because I show which day let’s talk to me and simulate a year’s supply this stuff a girl would be definitely happy but you know it isn’t so you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this informative video take you man is driving me crazy so i’ma go because he put his chicken mug in and put it all on my bed yeah [Music]

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