hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today’s video I wanted to talk about something a little bit different to what I generally talk about here on my channel and that is a weight loss and waist training so perhaps over about the last maybe two to three months I’ve lost a little bit of weight I do firstly want to just stress that I have only lost weight for health type reasons and you know I’ve done six years of university straight I’ve done a lot of studying a lot of sedentary activity relationships make you put on weight there is no denying that as soon as you are happy in a relationship fit you put on weight so me and Brandon have been together for nearly five years and sort of I don’t know a little bit of happy love fatness sort of crept up on me I don’t think that I look overweight in any way I was happy with how my body was before but I wasn’t feeling you know as energetic I didn’t feel as strong and athletic as I no more done and I just didn’t feel like myself so I wanted to lose the weight over a longer period of time in a healthy way that was right for me and my body and my lifestyle and I found it to be really effective so I wanted to talk to you guys about how I did it and the little tips and tricks that I used to sort of shake those extra few kilos and I also wanted to discuss a waist training with you so waist training is essentially strapping a corset around your midsection to try and whittle down your waist and you know effectively like lose fat cells and things like that so I wanted to tell you guys my honest opinion on waist training what I think of it does it work do I think it’s a waste of money all those kinds of things so if you guys want to learn how I lost weight then please keep on watching now before I jump into it I do want to say I probably lost about 5 kilos I think for those of you on the other side of the world you do your weight in pounds so it’s probably what like 11 pounds I did it over the course of about 2 to 3 months so I didn’t do it you know smack overnight I was really kind and gentle on my body the way that I did it it wasn’t painful it wasn’t stressful it wasn’t hard I didn’t have to stop socializing like it was a really really good way to do it so I wanted to share it with you guys because I know that some of you are struggling to lose weight I know that it like being a woman it’s kind of like an endless bachelor with us we’re always unhappy with our parents and things like that and I do just quickly want to say don’t look at the girls in the magazines and think oh my god I’m fat because I don’t look like that it really really breaks my heart to see young people looking at those images and thinking oh I’ve got cellulite so I must be ugly and no one’s ever gonna love me like it is not like that you are beautiful just the way you are exactly the way you are I would only recommend you losing weight if it’s affecting your health if it’s affecting your energy levels and if it’s affecting you on a personal level don’t think about what anybody else thinks I only think about what you feel in the comfort of your own skin I’m not you know a size zero girl I’ve got quite a bit of muscle on me I’ve got a big booty I’m an hourglass figure and I am perfectly happy that way I love being a curvy girl and brento loves me being a curvy girl that’s not to say that you’re not beautiful if you’re not a curvy girl I just want to tell you to be comfortable in your own skin and I only do this for the right reasons don’t ever lose weight because you feel pressure from you know the media from celebrities things like that don’t listen it’s not true and yet big hug big hug from me to you so let’s get into the nitty gritties of how I lost weight um first up you might not want to hear this but there is absolutely no shortcuts to losing weight you can’t just do a fad diet and then in two weeks you know be at your perfect healthy wave and think that you can maintain it well it does not work like that and I’m coming from experience I have literally done every single fad diet out there okay I’ve quit sugar I’ve quit fat I’ve quit carbs I’ve done the Atkins I’ve done the Dukan diet which you pretty well eat a low-fat protein only I have done cleanses I have done Detox’s I have done liver Detox’s I’ve been a vegan I quit dairy nothing works at the end of the day weight loss is all about calories in versus calories burnt so you have to eat less calories than the calories that you are burning for the day now for those of you that are new to my channel and you not no I do actually have six years in a medical type background I’m a fully qualified Division one registered nurse so in Australia that’s kind of like the highest level that you can get to I don’t know what you guys call it in the States and things like that and I’m also a fully qualified paramedic so I’ve got six years of University training behind me I know all about metabolism I know about health I know about nutrition and they’re all about this kind of stuff so if it helps for me to tell you that first before telling you you know how I went about losing weight it might give you a little bit of confidence and because I do legitimately like without trying to stand out myself I do legitimately know about this kind of stuff so I promise you I’m not just making up crap so you’re basically at the end of the day if you think you can cheat the system and you know continue to consume more calories in your burning you’re not going to lose weight because your body is never going to use that fat that you’ve got stored on your body as an energy source it’s only going to use what you’re taking in as an energy source not only that it’s going to continue storing the excess calories that you’re taking in as fat so that is essentially my first tip don’t try fad diets then they’re just going to break your heart they’re going to let you down they’re gonna make you feel like crap dizzy fainting nauseous headaches palpitations you name it those fad diets will give that to you so don’t do second tip is don’t try and lose weight overnight you need to do it in a healthy way that is not going to cause stress on your body stress on your hormones stress on your nervous system you need to do it in a slow sort of process I reckon two to three months is probably a healthy timeframe to lose five kilos some of you that are carrying a little bit more weight than I was you could probably healthily lose 10 kilos in that time but don’t put stress on your body and don’t starve yourself starving yourself is actually completely counterproductive to the whole weight loss equation but from you know when we were cavemen chasing tigers and stuff around our bodies a pre-programmed to store fat four times a famine because we would go weeks without a meal like a big healthy meal we were only eating when we were catching our prey so say we caught I don’t know a buffalo we ate and ate and ate and ate and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore and then for the next you know however long we didn’t have any food so our bodies stored all of the excess calories that we took in and then prepared itself for famines I prepared itself to have to live off its fat stores for as long as it possibly could that’s essentially an innate thing something that we’re born with something that’s part of our tablets a minute up and our genetic makeup we can’t actually get rid of that so if you starve yourself your body thinks that it’s waiting weeks until it gets its next meal so it’s not going to burn its fat stores in a quick way it’s going to hold on to every single last little fat store that it possibly can so that it can survive humans are all about survival survival of the fittest you know living as long as we can so your body will pretty well act against you if you try and starve yourself so don’t do that either I promise you not only way you feel like crap like death it will not work the third tip that I want to tell you guys is don’t be afraid of fat so I think in the Western world you know we’ve all been raised up to think that fat is like this evil thing that you know makes us fat is bad for us it’s going to give us high cholesterol heart disease all of this sort of stuff don’t be afraid of fat now when I say fat I don’t mean you know deep-frying all of your food in butter I mean the healthy fats so avocado nuts coconut oil seed oils don’t be afraid to use these in your cooking and actually increase your fat intake fat you so much more filling than sugar I promise you that and when you increase your fat intake you actually in a long run end up consuming less calories because you don’t need to eat as much you’re not hungry as often I really like to eat avocados for breakfast and lunch I really like almonds walnuts peanuts cashews for snacks they really really fill you up and yet don’t be afraid of all you know fats gonna harm me it’s not going to harm you by full fat milk by full fat cream don’t bother cutting all that crap out because if you actually have a look at the packaging on these low-fat products they’ve actually got more sugar in them more calories and a low GI so yeah don’t be afraid of fat it’s good for you it’s good for your nervous system your tissue growth your bones your skin all of your collagen production to make you look younger fat is your friend so now that I’ve got those sort of like three tips out of the way I want to tell you exactly how I lost the way so I was consuming less calories on a daily basis I tried to stick anywhere between 1200 to 1300 calories a day now that was right for my weight and my high I had it all calculated and whatnot so that I wasn’t actually you know starving myself to the point of not being able to function and I was still consuming enough calories that I needed for my metabolism for my cells my brain to function all that kind of stuff so if you type into Google BMR calculator or if you type in how many calories do I need to lose weight you’ll come up with a calculator and you basically you pop your weight your height your age your sex in your activity level I think you put like what you do for your job in there and it basically spits out a number of calories that you should be eating a day to maintain your weight and then it’ll also give you an another lower number to lose weight so for me that was I think twelve hundred and fifty maybe um I tried to stick around that level and I have been consistent with that over a long period of time now when I say that I’ve been consistent I don’t mean that I have not been living my life at the same time I think that’s another huge thing when you’re on you know a health kick or a weight-loss journey don’t set rules that are unrealistic you still need to have fun you need to go out with your friends you need to go to the movies and have an ice cream in that popcorn that you’ve been thinking about all week don’t you know restrict yourself to the point of being unhappy and not enjoying yourself just eat things in moderation so I allowed myself one cheat meal a week and I could have whatever I want if I want to pastor like a mountain of pasta I would have it if I wanted I don’t know take out like McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken like I would have it and all through the week when I was like oh no I really really wanted my spot I just say to myself okay TKR you’ve got your cheat meal in like four days just wait and so then I found by waiting until the end of the week for it it was like a reward and every week I’ll get my reward and it just really kept me on track so yeah don’t completely just be like I can’t focus I’m only gonna eat chicken and broccoli and that’s it and I’m not gonna do anything else and oh my god my brain is imploding like it’s not it’s not healthy and it’s not fun life is about being fun Yolo like literally Yolo don’t waste you you’ll learn this while it’s there because you never know what will happen next week and just think you’re not enjoying yourself then I’m not living your life to the fullest so Yolo and have a cheat meal because it’s good for you so my 1,200 calories that I was eating a day I was breaking up into small meals so for example for breakfast I’d eat 300 calories between breakfast and lunch at a 150 lunch a day 300 calories between lunch and dinner 80 150 calories and then for dinner I’d have 300 calories so essentially I was eating five smaller meals a day and now with these meals I wasn’t you know starving myself I wasn’t reducing carbs I was introducing you know not even fruit I wasn’t not enjoying the things that I like I was basically just making the portions much much smaller so that they fit within my calorie allowance so if you’re particularly interested in wanting to hear about what I was sort of eating on a day to day basis I’d be more than happy to do another video talking about like specific meal plans that I would follow and it might actually make you happy to hear that my meal plans included you know bread they included cheese they included like you know all the things that when you think about oh I’m on a diet that you can’t have I was eating them and that’s still a lost weight so yeah five small meals a day and like I said work out how many calories you should be eating and try and stick to it except for you cheat meals now with reference to exercise I was probably working out maybe five days a week and it would depend on where I was with my roster and stuff if I do a lot of night shifting things so it would depend on you know where I was at but I really tried to stick to the gym five days a week and me just like I’m sure all of you we all have our days when my like oh I can’t think of anything worse than going to the gym like I would rather poke myself in the eye with a fork then go to the gym right now I pretty well said to myself in my head I said right I know that you don’t want to go to the gym I know you’re feeling tired and crappy and you just want to sit on the couch and you know watch Carrie Bradshaw run around New York City but I said to myself commit to 15 minutes of exercise and if you still are hating it when you’re there you’re still like oh you know I don’t want to be here this is just miserable then I went home but I sort of always found it by the time I got to that 15 minutes of exercise I was enjoying it and I wanted to stay so yeah it was kind of like a little promise that I made to myself I was like commit to 15 minutes sighs and if you’re still hating it then you’re off the hook like you don’t have to exercise for that day but yeah like I said I always ended up wanting to like once you get those endorphins happening and you know you’re sweating and you’ve got Katy Perry blaring through your headphones like you’re you’re enjoying it you’re having fun so you sort of like you end up staying there I combined cardio sessions with weight training I would advise that if you aren’t going to join a local gym just have a chat to the trainers there about what you’re wanting to achieve with your body and get them to sort of draw up like a little program for you and that you can follow and you can stick to when you know you can monitor you and track your results and it’s a little bit easier for me because Brandon is a beefcake and he’s at the gym all the time so he was a lot of help for me to know you know what exercises I should be doing how much weight I should be lifting I got to tell you I’ve improved so much I can benchpress 50 kilos for someone who’s like 5 foot 2 that’s impressive and I’m like this tiny little girl you know we like all this mega wanna stop it I can preach for 30 kilo so I’m super impressed with that I like to change up my cardio a bit you know running cross trainer walking uphill going on the bikes walking outside just all that kind of stuff and I would just switch it up so I do one day of cardio then the next day I’d wait train then the next day I do cardio the next road weight train and on the last day I just did sort of whatever I felt like so that was my five days for the week I’m only there for 15 minutes you know I’m not slogging away for three hours killing myself at the gym you don’t need to need ever results you don’t actually even need to go to the gym to lose weight if you’re restricting your calorie intake in a consistent way your body still we live off its fat stores I wanted to go to the gym for muscle definition and for cardiovascular health so I did it for other reasons approach to the weight loss um I’ve always loved the gym I’ve always been very sporty so it wasn’t really a new thing to me anyway so you’re basically over the course of two to three months I put all of these things into place now I’m obviously not going into detail because we’d be sitting here for like four hours but I found all these techniques to work really well with my body in my life like I said I didn’t want it to be a chore I didn’t want it to be you know impossibly difficult and just like oh I’m on this horrible day and I can’t even live my life don’t make it like that make it a goal that’s realistic you know five kilos or ten kilos in a few months is a healthy and Shiva bull goal don’t be like I’m going to lose 20 kilos in a month and then be devastated at the end you need to set realistic and achievable goals rather than you know sitting is how hopeful failure basically I hope this video is not too long but to be honest it probably needs to be because this is really important to me and I want to keep you guys healthy as well I don’t want you doing crazy stuff to hurt yourself so let’s continue I’m sure that you have all heard of waist training right it is all over social media I think the craze actually started with Kim Kardashian she was posting little photos on her Instagram of her wearing a corset or a you know belly binder after her pregnancy this is a waist trainer they look like this they’re made a very very stretchy rubber and material and latex they come with you know a line of hook closures down the front they’ve also got plastic banding in them so that you know when you bend over and then stand back up it doesn’t stay like king to over I’ve got my waist trainer from Bonnie curves calm I think that’s what the website is called I’ll pop it on the screen here and I will link it in the description bar below as well as far as that website goes for buying wife’s trainers they are absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them any more their prices are great the shipping was great the staff are great it looks pretty like it’s a really really great website I’ve got the sport trainer off that website and so what looks like course I got purple like da why would I get black okay so when you see all of the waist trainers on these websites and things like that they’re telling girls to strap themselves up in these waist trainers and wear them for 10 to 12 hours a day I don’t agree with that I’m just going to say it straight up I don’t think that it’s effective sure you might get a short-term result because you’re compressing the fat cells okay I might have to get a little bit scientific here how will I say this so it’s like a sponge if you squeeze a sponge together really really tightly the water inside the sponge has to go somewhere else it’s the same with fat cells if you’re compressing fat cells around your tummy sure you’re going to get short term results because that fluid is going to shift elsewhere but as soon as you remove the waist trainer or you stop you know even if you wear at for months and months and months as soon as you stopped wearing it the fluids going to get back the fats going to resettle in those abdominal areas and you’re going to be straight back to square one in my opinion these are not like a corset corset training is totally different we’ll be pretty well wear like a metal merely cage around your midsection and you actually reduce muscle mass of fat and you actually shift your organs around can you a different shaped waist these don’t do this these are stretchy garments made of rubber and elastic and things like that these are not going to achieve that but with that in mind waist training while exercising is absolutely fantastic if you’re wanting to burn a lot of calories and sweat out a lot of toxins I have found this absolutely incredible for doing cardio so I will wear mine when I’m doing running cycling I’m on the cross train and anything like that and it’s similar to the concept of bodybuilders wearing you know jumpers and beanies when they’re working out it makes them sweat so much more it makes their bodies need to work harder to sweat because as you all know we sweat so that our bodies stay at a safe temperature because exercise increases our body temperature so we sweat to get rid of that excess heat and when you’ve got more heat your body has to work so much harder to get rid of that excess heat you sweat so much more like sweat bullets when you wear a waist trainer I promise you and a really really nice little side effect of that is that you burn so many more calories when you wear a waist trainer to do cardio and because they’re lined with latex and rubber they also target the fat loss so you will lose more fat around your midsection if you are working out with our waist trainer as opposed to if you are not so yeah there’s heaps and heaps of stuff heaps of research scientific evidence all of our available online so just do a quick Google search if you want to learn more about it so like I said I’m obsessed with rowing this for exercise but I wouldn’t personally recommend wearing it all freakin day long sleeping in it whatever I mean if that’s your choice go for it but I think that once you start wearing it you’re going to pretty well go back to square one it might take a little a little while but you will go back to square one because it’s just it’s it’s not scientifically and realistically it’s not the way that it works but for the gym for burning calories and for burning more fat around the abdomen 100% I absolutely love them and I got to tell you you look damn good when you’re wearing it like yes like a skinny yeah it’s so good now everybody’s gonna have a different opinion on these I’m gonna have a different opinion probably too you watching it there right now hi hello you but um do your research look around speak to your doctor if you want to some people have had good results with a waist trainer but the only way to maintain those results is to continue consistently wearing it pretty much forever so if that’s you know what you’re into then that’s fine you know I don’t have a problem with that but I personally don’t want to wear a waist trainer every day of my life yeah that’s true so I think I’m gonna stop rambling now I have I feel like this video is going to be like three hours long and I apologize if it any I hope that this video answered some of your questions a little bit I know that it’s quite a touchy subject um and you know it affects us all in different ways so please feel free to send me emails ask me questions in the comments below and I will do my best to answer all of them I’m here to help you guys so yeah just ask me any questions that you need and like I said if you’re interested in seeing another video on sort of what I would eat on a typical day or a week I’d be happy to do that as well so yes so thank you guys so much for tuning in and I will catch you all in my next video which will probably be back to makeup alright guys have a great day bye

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