I Let A Weightloss App Run My Life For A Week

hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you’re new here I love trying new Fitness things and pushing myself to the limit I recently went to Japan for two weeks and while I was over there I really wished at that time that I had had some sort of on-the-go fitness app or workout routine that I could work with so this week I’m going to be trying one of those there are a lot of fitness apps out there on the market but this week I’m going to be trying one called eat fit a set gives you both a workout routine as well as a nutrition plan also the first ones it’s really so I really hope that this week is successful I would love to haven’t asked to take with me on the go I am going to follow this app verbatim basically I’m gonna let this app tell me how to live for the next seven days alright so I’m going to get set up on this app oh what’s your main goal get fitter wait no lose that I just got back from vacation body fat target okay let’s just like crank this down 15% okay 16 this is cool you can choose how difficult or how quickly you want the transformation to happen I’m looking boardís let’s do it I’m at the grocery stores getting the week turned off the app gave me some really long grocery lists got some stuff I never buy on it never buy sweet potatoes they’re good though just never made them at home my grocery bill is usually pretty expensive and it was about 25% cheaper this week I don’t know if it’s because I’m using different ingredients than I usually use or if it’s because it was less to quantity wise overall I like saving money and that’s a good thing laid out all my stuff for dinner but before we get to that got to do my first workout so let’s see what’s on chat so it looks like today I have two different workouts the first one is a 15 minute full body workout so it shows you a video of what to do and then you tell it once it’s completed exercise there’s one complete warmup well then I’m hamstring injury good like a standard push-up squat workout quick and easy for dinner I’m going to make this by swine chicken and green peas me being me I chose for the simplest YouTube’s recipes in the app I think you can make a little more complicated in this smells really good let’s try it out convert it mmm it’s good not very much soon and not the biggest fan of peas but I’m really glad this app is forcing me to eat more vegetables I just woke up and this app is already on me it already has a notification asking me if I’m ready to workout woo I’m waiting for a meeting right now and I have my little meal prep food as usual with any diet change that I do in these types of videos the hardest part is always the meal prep and always sitting in the free cokes meals when I have a bunch of meetings or social activities but I will say that at this point I’m feeling like it might not be enough calories at times I’m hungry and perhaps I’m craving things I did choose in my plan that I wanted to be on a fat loss program I think it’s working but it’s definitely hard to change what I’m eating and then also be a little bit hungrier I’m walking home right now after a long day of meeting and so hungry for just checking my app to see what I get to eat the rest the night and look guys today I get dessert today I get popcorn what yeah even though the diet has been pretty restrictive this week it’s been really nice to have somebody else doing all the calorie counting and thinking for me so I don’t have to think about anything so just for fun I realize I’m probably going to shoe in a little foot for this I’m going to try the hardest workout the offer on this app called guru 5 level 9 you need like Janet for this [Music] it’s definitely yr I’m ready for dinner I don’t have a peeler so I’m just using this knife like a goose but for tonight’s dinner it has me eating a sweet potato with Greek yogurt and feta cheese I have no idea how this is going to taste I think it’s an interesting mix of ingredients but that’s hold me to do it so that’s why I’m here doing it with no no I make couple new things to literally usually just eat like chicken and a salad every day so oh God casualty this is really good all right bye time for the true test of whether or not these sweet potatoes are good Matt the Lighting’s better over here sorry you have to move okay I made this well I’m not going to tell you what that I cuz then you might not eat it so I saw you making another great very good actually Matt never said anything that I do is pretty good this is fantastic oh sure so my adventure this past week trying out the ink cut-offs living verbatim exactly as it told me to was actually pretty educational in terms of diversifying my fitness and nutritional regimen my fitness program is kind of all over the place based on whatever extreme fitness videos I’m training for so it’s really good this week to go back to basics and just do regular old strength building workout I also really like to have a fitness program could be done entirely at home without any weights or anything really on the nutritional side I learned a lot of new recipes that I would have never tried otherwise however I will say there were times when I did feel a little too hungry I think that was mainly because the app doesn’t know my fitness background I already live a really active lifestyle besides the workouts that I was doing at home I was also hiking and just going about my day and I walk a lot that was the calorie deficit that the app wouldn’t really take into consideration whenever you embark on a new fitness and nutritional journey it’s really important to self monitor to make sure that it really is doing everything you needed to if you enjoyed this video please give it a big ol thumbs up comment below with what extreme crazy things I should try next and as always subscribe to this channel so you can keep on going on more adventures together also if you want to check out the 8-bit off yourself I’ve included a link in my description for you to download it have a great day [Music]

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