My SLIMVANCE Weight-loss Review

what is good YouTube joon-young back again and welcome to my channel been going for a little bit I started a new job so my schedule has been all time so fuck now start a paving job which I love I love it’s a lot of physical work I love physical work you know I love it I’m gonna talk to you guys about something that I take very very serious and that is my weight and working out stuff like that um for the longest time I’ve been trying this and that all this other shit I even thought about thought about taking like steroids but I don’t want to do that because like I feel like that’s cheating you know I want to work I’d rather work for what I want you know so I’m gonna talk to you guys about what I’ve been taking and how I feel about it so I mean I take fish oil pills every morning I take two of these in the morning and then five to six hours later I take another to fish oil it’s very good for you reduces risk of getting heart disease and it’s just all around good for you now something you should look into if you really are looking for you know healthy vitamin and stuff like that so that’s a big one but the main thing about this video that I’m gonna talk about is this product called slim dance ah I want to GNC and I was talking to the talking of the D that worked there and we were just talking and he showed me he was talking about slim Vance and he was telling what it does you burned 12 times more calories and you usually would with any other supplement you have six six times more chance of losing weight with these and three times the chance of hip and waist reduction and that’s a big one you know like right now as of right now I’ve just waived myself I’m 184 and I would love to get to the 175 range or once they’re low 170 range that’s like my ideal weight and I also want to gain muscle at the same time so it’s gonna be a journey but I just started this on Monday and I can tell you that this is amazing I don’t get the jitters in the morning I take this I take two in the morning and then I take another two five to six hours later along so I take the fish oil in this at the same time morning and then five or six hours later this is probably the best thing I’ve ever bought from GNC it’s crazy I don’t get the jitters I’m wide awake I’m energized I feel like my workouts are a lot more intense and I take this it’s I don’t know it’s just crazy um so yeah if you’re really looking to get you know if you’re really looking to burn fat you know in the in the love handle area the waist area you know show off those ABS definitely check this out I got this for like sixty four dollars and you’re getting your money’s worth people are saying oh my god it’s so fucking expensive you got to spend money you know you’re gonna have to spend money all right it’s it sucks to say but you got to spend money and let me tell you this shit’s crazy the capsules are not that big I take so all I take for day two in the morning and to five to six hours later and they are I grab this Jesus if I’m having the hardest time grabbing this right now this big they’re not that big at all like it’s ridiculous but you know and the love love handle area check that out and i also take megamen vitamins on today this also gives you the vitamins the vitamins that you need like vitamin A c d e f kb and all the kind of shape so and this I got for like nine dollars so definitely go check this out Aegean Sea you can get all three of these at GNC this is the most expensive and then this one is I forget how much this one is and then this is like ten bucks nine ten dollars so definitely go check that out so yeah I’m still on my first week trying this out come next Monday I am gonna put out another video to tell you guys if I lost weight or how much weight I lost because I expect and I assume that I am gonna lose weight because I mean I feel great I’m up at 4 o’clock in the goddamn morning now and I never felt at this energized this early in my life I mean with my new job I do have to get up at 4 o’clock which is far with me because I’d rather start my day early you know because I feel like I’m not missing out on anything definitely go check this out and I will be back on Monday to tell you guys how I’m doing so far so I saw I know I want you guys be a part of this journey with me me losing weight I’m really excited I can’t wait I’m gonna go back to reaction videos a little bit YouTube you too may scare me no more you wonder you wanna listen if you wanted to leave my channel to leave my channel I’m scared I know bitch but yet this is another part of my journey I’ve watched you guys be a part of summer’s coming everybody you know everyone’s trying to get lose some lose some pounds definitely check this out if you’re trying to lose some quick pounds before summer comes you know so you go check this out $64 well 59 bucks and then like 64 after taxes because taxes are bitch unless you live in Delaware so yeah definitely go check that out and if you do if you guys have any questions message me talk to me I can help you guys out a little bit the little that I know but yeah thanks for watching this and I’ll catch you guys next time peace a help

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