My weight loss journey / Women’s Best Slim Body Shake Review

hi guys today I’m going to be talking about women’s best stew and body shake I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it so I thought I should go through it with you i order it from Venus Bascom and it’s German high quality products and it comes home to you in a very nice package and the price is very fair it’s about $45 and that includes the slim body shape and free shaker and also a very good weight loss guide and it’s very helpful if you’re very new to losing weight this slim body shake is a meal replacement not a protein powder and I replace about one to three meals each day to this shake woman’s best is specially designed for women of course many as you might be thinking that replacing meals with the chick and make you hungry but I promise you it’s very filling some of you might like it with milk and some of you made it to fill with water I always mix mine with water since I think it’s very thick and old anyway even though he was placing meals with the street you will not suffer from nutrient deficiencies I’ve tried all the flavors that I must say I prefer the cookies and cream ones that’s my favorite I promise you if you replace one to see meals each day with this and have an active lifestyle you will loose weight and you will feel great so in the first week I replaced about two meals per day I was staying with this shake and I lost so much weight in the beginning since I’ve been in the hospital and haven’t been moving for two months so here you can see how I look after my first week so this is after one week and I felt such a big difference and even though I was replacing my meals with Jake’s I felt full all day and never 100 these seven days I felt so much better both physically and mentally my exterior was better and I was feeling more happy again about how my body looks and so on but of course I worked out as well you not just shakes me to have an active lifestyle as well so these shakes helped me on the way to lose weight much quicker and much easier and also felt like after starting using these and replacing some meals I felt like it had more energy for my workouts and I’ve had before which I loved and after about two weeks I lost about four tails and as you can see in the before picture I’m not really sure what I weighed I did the shades for one weeks ago I weighed myself and I was 61 kilos and today I’m about 57 and so it’s a big difference that I don’t know what I weighed in the beginning but it’s a lot more the spring body shakes for moments that’s just a very simple way to lose weight and also this shit tastes so good so you feel like you’re drinking a milkshake but it’s just so healthy and it makes you feel great I have 5 more kilos to lose and I can’t wait to get more results do you have some extra pills you need to lose then go to women’s beste come to check out their products I’m so happy that I started with my slim body shakes and I can’t wait to get more results thanks guys for watching this video I hope you liked it I

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