Phentermine for Weight Loss | Review

[Music] another video and in this video I would like to share with you my experience and do like a review on using Sunderman for weight loss and I used to take center mean for about two months straight then I stopped for about a month because I was getting way too skinny and then obviously because the effect like disappeared and I started gaining weight again I was taking it for another month or so maybe even more maybe to another two months but so I kind of tried it for three months and it was back when I was in my like 20s I remember I was at the college and my friend she tried it herself and I didn’t know it’s phentermine in that time but then later on when I was trying to look at the side effects I was suffering I figure out that after spending a few minutes on Google I figure out like later on what I was actually taking and if I actually knew what was in the pills my friend got for me I would never do it again and if I knew how much it’s going to damage my metabolism that I’m actually risking my life taking these pills I would never do it again and I decided to make this video because yesterday I spent some time on YouTube and I was watching videos from girls who are taking centerman to weight loss and they have like mixed results um of them it’s working for them so for some others like it’s not working that much that’s been even a video there was like a woman I guess she was a doctor and she was recommending centerman for weight loss and I just want to make this video if any girl is actually or a guy actually considering guessing phentermine for weight loss if you are overweight if you are obese and you’re just desperate and you think that taking center mean is the last option you possibly have I have to warn you it so dangerous it’s not going to work long term and what Center mean basically is it’s unsettling and it just is just like a speed it will feel like you are drinking 10 cups of coffee a day you are so energetic and as you know I was going through some crazy like disordered eating periods in my life and I was always trying to like conflict calories and eat as little as possible but it was always really hung like hard for me to starve myself because obviously I was getting like hungry the less I was keeping and I needed something to like help me so I used to drink a lot of tea or your black tea that was having caffeine in it now I was trying like coffee obviously I was like abusing coffee or to spread my appetite and it all worked kinda short there and I was still kind of getting sometimes hungry and then my friends she try these bills and she lost maybe five kilos like 10 11 pounds in a month on using these fails and she was like it’s amazing it’s a miracle you’re not hungry and they’re really good and in the time I was so obsessed with weight loss I just told her get them for me I’m gonna pay anything you want to give them for me I want to start taking these bills and I just want to lose weight and help me with this just helped me to suppress the appetite so I don’t really feel hunger because it was so hard for me to like actually handle the hunger when I used to starve myself so she does them for me it cost me I don’t know like 20 or 15 bucks maybe between 15 10 and 15 bucks so they were super cheap so I was like great I’m gonna save money for food because you don’t have to eat and after I took this first bill I I can tell you I was so excited I was so excited and it actually worked and I was so happy you you have no idea I felt like I discovered the Holy Grail because I have been starving myself for years not eating enough because it was so scared I’m going to gain weight if I’m going to eat a lot of food and I just didn’t feel the hunger anymore because I was so high it’s like you’re going to take like speed or amphetamine or you are so high on it and your heart is beating like crazy because it’s just fasting up your metabolism but it’s so dangerous it is so dangerous it isn’t it’s a proper drug and what scares me the most that actually doctors and like diet experts and nutritionists some of them actually prescribe this to like overweight or obese patients if they want to lose weight it’s a little legal speed I’m telling you I have tried it myself I will never ever go through it but in that moment I wasn’t thinking about it in that moment it was worth it for me to feel like shit and have constant headaches and dry mouth and that I just turn and migraines and I was feeling like so bad but in that moment it was more important for me was to be skinny and it was helping me do this way so I was like it’s simply worth it the suffering and I’m going to read some of the side effects I was experiencing I took the first bill in the morning and you drink a little bit of water to help you to swallow it and the bills were like green and white like capsules it was crazy so I’m going to read some of um some of the side effects I was experiencing so definitely I was feeling restless and hyperactive I was having headache dizziness I was having insomnia the first day I took it I slept maybe 10 minutes whole night because you just have so much energy you are not pumped up and you’re like we’re ready to go you have insane energy because it’s stimulating your body and it’s just a appetite suppressant because it’s stimulating some like nervous system in your brain and it’s just tricking you into thinking you aren’t actually hungry and it’s honestly crazy really really dry mouth you have to drink at least like five liters of water a day in your bill services so there’s obviously something wrong really like unpleasant kind of metal taste in my mouth I also remember I was experiencing really like upset stomach because you are not consuming anything so you’re in this continuous fiber so you can imagine like how bad is this for your digestion decrease interest in sex or increase some people experience I don’t really really really remember this but other more serious like side effects I was definitely experiencing I was any constant chest pain it felt like there is an elephant laying on my chest and I couldn’t breathe you I was feeling like I’m gonna pass out like few times a day ah short of breath I couldn’t really breathe probably I was like like this you can’t really breathe because it’s hard and like my lungs were hurting and pounding heartbeats definitely fluttering in chest definitely swelling in ankles I didn’t really experience that confusion and irritability definitely it’s oh my god it’s such Trond drunk unusual sauce or behavior I don’t definitely feeling weird Iowa’s I felt like like I’m a drug addict that I kind of my behavior was like drug addicts like because it honestly stopped me from eating and I was so happy it suppress my appetite to this point I would literally eat anything in 24 hours sometimes and I wasn’t feeling hungry and I would eat literally two handfuls of food a day I was eating like an apple for breakfast and then for dinner I would have like a this much of bread with some cucumber and cheese on it and I was doing lying to my parents because let’s say it was a dinner time and my mum made a food I never remember this Christmas was around Christmas it was Christmas Day and we were about to have a Christmas dinner and I saw all the food is my mum cooked and I wasn’t hungry so I was just like chewing a little bit out forcing myself to eat in front of them because it would get suspicious and I always find an excuse like why I’m not eating like in front of them all so it’s like I ate out with my friends or I had a big breakfast you just didn’t see me eating it and my mom was like awesome like why and evening I I didn’t see you eating in like two weeks and I always find an excuse and the worst thing I probably did that I remember that when I was on these fails I was pretending them eating the food and I used to take the food into my bedroom and I was having a plastic bat and I would just put the food like I would scoop it into the plastic bag and I was just like tight in the plastic bag and put the plastic back into my handbag and when I was leaving or I would throw it in the trash bin and I would just bring back the bring back the the empty place to my mom and she thought I actually ate the food I’m telling you when I think about it right now I’m understand why I was behaving like this but the skinny body obsession and I was honestly behaving like a drug addict because if you’re not thinking properly and this is what the pills made me actually do it’s crazy because I was simply not hungry so it works for weight loss but I would didn’t know how much of a metabolic damage I’m setting myself but it for like I was consuming maybe from hundred to three hundred calories a day on average for about two months right I have loved in about ten kilos so it’s like twenty-two pounds and I was like fifty kilos of the lowest and I was getting into the point I look like a fucking skeleton and everyone around me was like was I doing like you really look really really skinny and now I’m like sixty kilos and so you can imagine if you’ve seen like pictures with my buddy can you imagine like I was twenty two pounds like ten kilos lighter than I am right now and I’m not fat like I’m unlined right now so you can imagine like how I actually look ten kilos like that I host so so slim and none of my regular clothes like fitted because it was like it was getting solos because I was losing the weight so fast and then I stopped for about a month and then I start I gained like few kilos so I started taking it again and it was crazy period of my life I was uh I was feeling like I’m going to pass out it’s also extremely high blood pressure and it just makes me sad it’s when people actually take this and they don’t understand that they’re setting themselves up for extreme metabolic damage like their because as soon as I started eating I gained 22 pounds in about three months time and I was fatter than ever and I went from fifty kilos to evolved 67 kilos and you have no idea how I like this was definitely one of my biggest mistakes I’ve done in my life you have no idea how how hard it is for your mental state if you have like anorexic mindset when you go from 50 kilos which is like a hundred and two pounds hundred and four bombs on mature into 67 kilos so again 17 kilos in between like my lowest weight and the highest weight I actually have so I just wanted to talk about this today make this honest video to warn any girl or guy out there who if you are actually considering taking these they’ll spend their me and sibutramine any of these mean tales it’s just an Isetta mean it’s just it’s a legal speed and it’s going to make you pump is going to make you feel energetic so you’re not thinking about food and it’s fucking up with your brain so your brain is thinking that you aren’t hungry and it’s like if you’re going to north cocaine like you it’s going to suppress your appetite these drugs where the charts term straight for few months I was skinny for about like the aspect lost a few months even after I stopped taking them but as I’m telling you like I gained 22 pounds later on so you definitely want to avoid it like high carb low fat vegan myself for the win it may take longer but it’s like success guarantee you’re gonna get you’re gonna get the results and if you imagine like how unhealthy it is to actually literally no fees and then consume any fiber how is it like you’re not I wasn’t getting any nutrients and vitamins competing go plant-based start moving your body and that’s the recipe for success 100% yeah so I am using did this video don’t forget to hit like button down there also share this video and if reason subscribe to my channel because I make videos every day and I’ll see you in the next video bye

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