Saxenda One Month Weight Loss Review! With Instructions

hi guys it’s Sofia comes you with a quick review of tech finder so this is one of the trial tip that I got from my doctor is that dozen with instructions and ingredients and the first case the needles it smell comes with seven of them in each pocket three boxes this is the needle new package and I have one open already let me show you all right so I’ll show you right the f10 and it goes to zero point six to one point two one point eight two point O and highest which is what I’m going now three point zero matter and comfortable how do I get the wrong bear with me for never gonna plant okay so this is it out of the package and simply written so you can school or no mom I’ll show you how to work it put it back on this girl because they around and that’s take it over to Tara I’m gonna show you how to do it not afraid to show them on body fat kilometres and we open up our old stinking stick anybody click the button it so hear it click click click click click click click click and perfect seconds and I just really love it because because that is like so driven and it is easy the easy ones will drink and rehearse I will get ours you know I need a little solvent what’s so free to do it to myself it is really the first couple hours and a couple times you would so um this medication got a practical was about two thousand dollars as I said two thousand dollars so my insurance filing approved it up like four weeks to father neither Dan Schneider when I was getting it so I went on to Saks and accomm and got the discount cold except the copay was a hundred dollars and it went down to 30 sold six seventy hours long I sent me this magazine about we was and I send this cute little Texan de cocina I can put my leftovers in protein bars reggie’s it take to work my sneezing muscles right what else so when I first got to take the medication for like the first two to two weeks I so luscious luscious not crazy but I got full super fast like I was only able to eat like a third of food and also like so full know she’s like I had to push it away pretty finish again um I will say with this you have the desire to exercise yes then I always do it you know so and I feel like I could have maybe with a few more rounds had I really worked hard and decreasing my fatty foods junk foods and increasing my workout for the most part um I did trust away from fatty foods and greasy foods I’m mostly a junk food eater so I’m telling you I had burking I very much one day my courses water working and my coworkers and she would face me that way I had double cheeseburger and when I got home my stomach was on fire oh my god little and in the bathroom all night so I already would have regretted it because I guess you know I haven’t eaten a really high high content the mill like that and we try to make my foot autumn and you know increase my water I have nothing to work not like I should have but I’m a good dia last night with the busy moms it was like my birthday was worth birthday I graduated from college my sort of a jerk high school I know how long I got in the way I was graduating high school right so it was just like parties and you know and a lot of stuff : um like at restaurants not like Ken I wasn’t like me down like that he’s in the restaurant with you so you don’t get a sound just some like a little appetizer and you know to proceed then to that so anyways um I don’t 15 my my earlier videos I did outside of vinegar for two full weeks I drink it throughout the day I was very strict on my carb intake you know no this renewed uncle and I did drop too bad with this I was a little more wax that relax a little bit so I only both 15 pounds but I was down a total of 25 pounds in the last two months which is great because it has stayed wolf that’s one of the best things about this medication that the with it’s not supposed to come back to life and you will be relapse and it has stayed off I do like to take it at night pretending I just feel like it works better for me like I won’t fill up hungry throughout the day but you know I have taken it in the middle there I have taken in the mornings but sometimes if I don’t a night in the morning I’ll forget you know get up for work question and things like that so whatever works for you is a ticket at any time of the day what else just you know if you’re able to get it approved from your insurance it’s definitely worth it my doctor is going to put another medication I’m going back to see how to the end of next month so he’s going to put me off on Ksenia it’s another weight loss medication it’s a pill so he said to help me accelerate my wiggles surprised I was like I wasn’t that much on this you know he disabled 5% my bags hat which is awesome better moving no percentages so when I am in this world level I thought I’d take the medication because a co-worker of mine was taking the pill one pill forms to me yeah David Walt and she was 60 pounds and has kept it a loss and she’s still taking vacation and it’s almost been a year and she’s been taken in so I’m very excited to take that along with this or I said it’s out here but I need to lose over entreprise altogether I want to be I was like 150 it’s my doing 150 some of the factory and I got be alright oh we hope to go out if not another video for you probable how are that you know Russia’s active so I am qualification on Thursday is no Sunday morning so Thursday more vacation I live in New York are going to 8 p.m. so I know now wanted to draw money to splurge not need to but I’m gonna you know see where this clicks only what they fool like that’s I’m going to foodie Ottawa 2016 kitchen so um I’m gonna be in hotel then I’m a gem I am planning on getting a workout the hub works out workouts yeah and I got a little bit um so my see me get enough workout in you and then once I con that location I want a whole heart like you know I need this body to match this cute face okay so I’m when I get back I got some wonderful whore with the entire and Excise and all with the medication I’m too I will make if I will speed you ready what’s in a to three week period I’ll do a video if not I’ll definitely wonder for weeks at least that I’ll give you the too much for you um well so that succeed you know so we will just follow maybe two to three weeks it says subsided and just going to go hard at this because of it I want to lose over onto that and I think I can do it like I see my face is getting smaller on my neck and everything and eventually I probably do a series of weight loss videos and pictures or see the transition I started at 278 pounds I was out of 253 pounds and I think two fifties in a minute so I was so excited so anti vegetation I definitely look at it two thumbs up try it if you can I think it really is a life-changing either this is definitely worth it so guys give this a like comment share and please subscribe I’m new to YouTube I’m going to get some more videos out this will put the videos I’m going to a Prada reviews some vlogging eventually so stay tuned because I try to get to that one if not next couple days at least when I get to linty look at something so thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciated what avatar entertain with the videos should my boys have 8% Kurama baby ready mmm ah yeah she does not like camera thing on hey hey alright alright so bye guys thank you so much let me know if you like this video that you hate it what you want to see more or less of alright so I just

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