We Tried Kylie Jenner’s Weight Loss Tea ☕️ (feat. Ayla Woodruff)

[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel I am here with the amazing Ayla woodruf watch her channel you should she does a lot of like really cool like Fitness stuff blogging as you guys know I always like to take things a little bit extreme on my channel and so today we’re gonna be testing something that I’ve seen all over Instagram in brand deal form today we’re gonna be trying Kylie Jenner’s bit tea so this is that like flat tummy teen stuff that you see advertised all over Instagram the Kardashians supported this is Kylie Jenner’s brand that she endorses it apparently makes you lose weight this is not a brand deal this is gonna be 100 percent honest review of this stuff says add honey or lemon without all their names like yeah it doesn’t taste good but it’s mmm this kind of thing wakes me out a little bit yeah it’s like lose weight by just drinking tea I know that doesn’t work I feel like you have to just drink tea like you have lose weight if you just drink teas but like I mean I could do great good tea if I wanted to that yeah so I’m interested to see if it like does it make your appetite go away yeah it’s like supposed to support your metabolisms okay we’re gonna go make it out yeah yeah right let’s go to get the cups so we got our hot water how’s it smell it does not smell that great it smells like like it smells like tea but like chemical tea you’re smelling oh you know what I mean yeah but it hasn’t we didn’t know they smell it smells like lemon pledge yeah yeah lemon pledge like the wood cleaner pledge it potentially could have the same stuff in it who knows oh well these bags are cute yeah well I lose 10 pounds probably not I’d already turn yellow still smells like lemon pledge yeah okay I guess we’ll let it steep for a few minutes and then try it yeah all right okay so we have our tea here been about five minutes now it smells better yeah it’s melty bad chill hint of lemon Flemish oh it’s really not bad yeah it has like no flavor almost yeah it literally has nothing like not even the women light weight this is like a detoxing is this gonna make me have to like go to the bathroom like I have no idea see talk that you just like crap your brains out after and I didn’t eat that much today so that’s gonna be see her okay we’re not having that much I want to try with some honey and just yeah anything that only has like weight loss stuff in it or it’s dietary you always taste okay yeah I hand out big sugar yeah it’s actually really not that bad it tastes like hot water with a little bit of honey it’s kind of soothing really – yeah I love tea okay I like you I’m like not always a tea drinker but like at night I love tea and I feel like if I just wanted to have something warm to go to sleep this would be what I would do and also like it would just think we want to do because it’s like a weight-loss thing but I still don’t believe that it’s giving you I know yeah I mean I’m still pretty skeptical but it doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it did so I think it’s gonna be bearable okay well we’ll see if his detox works okay guys so this is my second day trying the fit team and honestly the first day I did it I really didn’t feel any different like before I go to bed if I don’t really eat that much and then I wake up the next morning like my stomach always feels like super skinny I don’t know I mean like it could be working you could not be working but I didn’t really feel the difference and tonight is round two so we’re gonna pour this in here and start the process last night after filming the opening of the video with Ella and trying the tea I was up until 2:00 a.m. that could not fall asleep and today I feel so tired I just kind of honestly felt like a little bit sick inside and like my body was just like heating up like I’ve never taken a fat burner but it almost felt like what people have described that feel like I’m not sure how I feel about this okay so I’m on round three today and I’ve got it in my cup last night I’m not gonna lie I woke up in the middle of the night and like my stomach kind of hurt I don’t know if that has anything to do with the teeth or if that was just me okay so it is day four of the 50 and I got my hot water boiling I will say you know what it’s nice to like wake up every morning and have a cup of tea that’s like a new thing for me I don’t do anything when I wake up usually except a lot of bad have a lot of anxiety look at my phone have more anxiety check my email somewhere anxiety I didn’t have any problems with my stomach last night everything seemed to be going great and to be able to have that anxiety over a cup of tea rather than looking at my phone is a little bit different for me so that’s nice I really enjoy taking it at night to be honest like I haven’t taken it in the morning because like I have like a routine of like what I do in the morning and if I have to eat something like I can’t not I still don’t like the way that this stuff makes me feel it makes me feel like my stomach is like a balloon filled with Clorox and I guess that’s what it’s supposed to do supposed to like clean out your system so that’s a thing but I am NOT a fan and by the way guys like this Holi flavor of the tea is not bad at all hey so I’m on day five and honestly you guys it’s gone pretty good I’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering about the cleansing aspect of this video some of the reviews online have discussed a bathroom situation where you flush and everything out let’s say I definitely have experienced that this week everything in the pipeline is being flushed out kind of become like a ritual for me now like I’m enjoying drinking this tea before I go to bed and then I also feel like not only is it some nice tea that gets me foods and ready for bed but it’s like making me skinny I feel kind of fake inside and not in like the emotional way I feel skinny in the morning so I think it’s working I don’t know guys feels like when you eat too many like artificial foods and then you just feel like kind of like huh that’s what this feels like except it’s artificial stuff like cleaning out my body but the thing is is like I’m also eating dinner so it’s not like I’m cutting out a meal and just drinking this tea so I really have no idea if I’m even doing this right but I’m just like drinking this tea and hoping that it’s working I don’t like the way it makes me feel it doesn’t make me feel like I’m cleansed it just makes me feel like I’m kind of sick generally speaking I tend to avoid reading the reviews on things that I’m going to review to prevent them from influencing me but because it is the last day I did want to take a look at the reviews on Amazon and share some of the responses with you so you can see some of the other experiences so the first thing that I think is interesting about this is that it has three star review on Amazon which isn’t it terrible but it’s like not good so it seems like overall the experiences have been like wishy-washy and a lot of the reviews pretty much say tasted good but did nothing so not just my experience it seems to be shared by lots of other people so it is the end of our fit tea cleanse and here are my overall thoughts on the entire experience I was surprised that I enjoyed the way that the tea tastes but I don’t like the way that the tea makes me feel it might make you lose weight but would be because the tea is making you sick so you don’t want to eat other things I don’t think that this is an effective or a healthy way to lose weight if you want to but at the same time I can see why some people want to do it and want to try it it’s supported by the Kardashians you have to keep in mind that the Kardashians also have like a celebrity trainer sure they have like people monitoring their nutrition and chefs to help them out all the other aspects of their weight loss lastly a lot of people I’m sure are curious did I lose weight the answer is no my weight stays the same and that’s because I really don’t think it does that much when it comes to like these fad diets and like pills or fit teas or whatever it is I really don’t think that there is a better substitution for having a clean diet and a regular workout schedule so that was my experience trying hilar dinners fatigue if you enjoyed this video please give a thumbs up comment below with what crazy celebrity thing I should review next maybe Kylie Jenner’s workout what do you think what do you think as always subscribe so we can keep on going on more images together also be sure to follow Ayla who has an amazing channel and she’s so awesome and I had a really fun time getting to meet her for this video thanks so much for watching have a great day I [Music]

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