hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel in this video I’m going to be showing guys a product that I have been using this is boom board and boom what are sponsoring this video so it is a weight-loss shot drink and it’s a seven-day course he’s in this because I still haven’t lost my Christmas way and I’ve got holiday coming up I just want somebody to kickstart me to get me into the kind of summer body mode I mean I don’t know about anyone else but I always put on weight over winter and then when it comes to spring/summer I’m like oh my goodness everybody’s getting a better habit of not doing that I am trying Boombah to kickstart my weight loss so I have around 11 pounds I want to lose to get back to my pre-baby kind of weight so with boom bod is a three shot drink you take a shot in the morning in the afternoon and an evening here is the morning energizer and the morning energizer is packed full of vitamins and contributes to your metabolism it is it afternoon motivator I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really really struggling afternoons especially when I’ve been so busy I really do struggle when it comes to the afternoon I’m like oh my god like I really got to clean the whole house like so something that will give me more energy in the afternoon will be fabulous so this contributes the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and then here is the one you take at night and this contributes to the maintenance of skin and hair so that is a fabulous for me so each shot contains a lot of natural fiber that’s meant to feel you are to keep the cravings away I really struggle with cravings I can eat a real healthy breakfast a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner but come to the afternoon and in between I really do struggle with that whole kind of cravings thing so I’m really hoping this might help me to stop that it is available to buy it in Holland and Barrett as well if you are interested in trying it out I’m going to be showing guys how I got on with using food bud hey guys so I’m going to rock my whole day of how I got on my and just about to have my morning energizer so you put the powder in the glass then a fill it quarter of a way full you then drink the shot straight away and it was actually a bit worried at first my first thought I’d do it like oh it’s gonna taste like but actually tastes fine so I’m pleasantly surprised by that so the benefits of the morning energizer is vitamin c b6 b2 caronian magnesium iron and zinc and that is what really drew me into this because when i was younger my mom used to give you a multivitamin what is Jesse doing throw it down the stairs used your multivitamin every morning and since I moved out and I never really carried on with that and I feel like I really should so this is kind of getting back into taking all my vitamins it’s 11:30 I’ve just put Jesse to bed we’ve been out all morning just the shops I’m doing this along with a balanced diet which is obviously the recommended way so I’m feeling good at moment I’m feeling energized and then can eat some lunch and then around 2 o’clock I’m gonna have my afternoon drink I’m gonna do some work and I watch s is asleep have a look clean around the house so I’ve just turned up quite a bit of work and now I’m gonna clean before I clean I’m gonna take my afternoon energizer I don’t know about anyone else but I find cleaning that is a really good exercise especially cuz it gives you a clean house afterwards so I love running around cleaning it really keeps me active as well my nan who is 80 says that the word the way she is kept like healthier whole life is by cleaning her house which makes me laugh but I can definitely understand why she’s coming from like I say I haven’t had any cravings today I’m gonna be completely honest in my review I haven’t had any cravings yet I mean my cravings you should come in the evening so we will see how I get on you should always drink water as well after drinking the shot so I’ve done that and now it’s time to clean [Music] I came in Silas as I’m walking by everyone so quiet you know the reason why I’m not gonna read it I don’t gonna like I know it is sick watch your guy yourself into [Music] come good boy Jack good boy clever you we’re having a chill out or you you’re watching your program aren’t you just see the Wiggles watching The Wiggles just do good dancin dancin Jesse oh good boy yes a clever boy Jesse loves The Wiggles on Netflix Jensen’s at preschool so Jess he’s got the TV to himself today so he’s very impressed with that we’re just chilling out for a little while I’ve got on my clean and put my washing away I’m feeling good I’m feeling full of energy me and Jesse are out walking in the rain we had to go to the post office had a parcel to post so I figured I’d just walk down it was quite nice it’s like a ten minute walk there and back by 10-minute walk there 10-minute walk back and I walked really fast anyway so do it like a speed walk but as the spring is coming up he’s so much easier to get out and be active because over the winter I definitely haven’t been as active as I should be hence a little bit of extra weight I mean I definitely ate too much as well so that didn’t help but yeah I’m desperate to just get those last few pounds off for spring/summer it’s got home and now I mean Jesse having a plate and the lounge my sister it’s gone to get Jenson from preschool because he’s going around there for a few hours this evening for a little birthday treat for his birthday soon and yeah he wants to go around there and see his cousins but she’s gonna drop round a McDonald’s for Jesse not for me obviously but for Jesse so until that comes we’re gonna have a little play [Music] sick what took I yourself into so Jordan’s just got home and here’s cooking dinner going into the dark and I am just about to have a bar I’ve got the nicest bath bomb to have the water is going ping I’ve also netic handle as well so I’ve just got the bath and half an hour I’m gonna have my dinner I’m gonna take my evening sachet the night rejuvenation so you always hit the sack so it’s half an hour before you it it’s half past 9:00 at night stop messing with the lights it’s half past 9:00 at night and I have actually managed to resist all cravings I’m doing really well I can still like what about him no well yeah you can’t when you’re in the mood bike is still chasing your mouth and in my stomach the taste of the sachet which is a good thing obviously because it’s definitely keeping me false so it’s a big thumbs up from me if you guys liked this video then please give me a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe I will leave all the details in the description box if you’re interested in try not be bought for yourself it’s also very reasonably priced as well I’ll see you guys in my next video

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