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The one thing your hairstylist wants you to stop doing after new color


You just left the salon with a fresh new color, and you’re fully basking in that post-appointment glow. (You know the what I’m talking about.) But if you plan on hopping in the shower and sudsing up your strands within the next 48 hours, you might want to snap some selfies now. According to the pros, it’s the quickest way to take your hair from fab to faded.

Not many people know there’s a hair-washing rule after coloring. Unfortunately, not abiding by it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your color—and your bank account. “After you dye your hair, don’t wash it for at least two days because the hair is still sensitive and therefore will be more like to fade faster,” says Sergio Pattirane, a hairstylist at Rob Peetoom in New York City. “We recommend waiting to wash it so that the color stay fresh and longer.”

It’s not just the initial wash that matters—it’s really every wash. In order to keep your color looking as fresh as possible between appointments, it’s recommended to keep washes to a minimum throughout the week, as well as switching up your washing habits in the first place. “Wash your hair two days a week—one day with conditioner and the other day with a mask,” he says. “Also avoid washing your hair with water that’s too hot, as this will cause the hair cuticles to open and then cause the color to fade away.”

So what are you supposed to do between washes? Reach for the dry shampoo, of course, says celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey. Our beauty editors like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($14). And if you’re desperate, give your scalp a nice scrub. “If you need to wet your hair to restyle or get a minimal cleanse, I recommend using a very tiny amount of conditioner and scrub like it’s shampoo. The action of scrubbing will lift dirt and grim when you rinse,” he says. Your shiny, bright hair awaits.

Wondering just how strong your hair is? Use this two-step test to find out. Then, try this simple hack that helps you choose your best hair color.

This genius convertible tote is basically three bags for the price of one


I recently learned that I am a person who is perhaps prone to mistaking “instamacy” for intimacy. The key difference is that one is an instant, intense connection while the other is a connection that continues to develop over time. I’ve done this both in relationship-type situations, as well as with my wardrobe. (That initial rush after purchasing a new item you think will be life-changing is heavy, people.) I bring this up because the love affair I have with the Cuyana Convertible Satchel is definitely the latter. And as a person who has both owned and coveted many handbags in her lifetime, I feel qualified in saying that it is the perfect bag. At $425, it’s not exactly a steal, but believe it when I say that it is basically the only bag you’ll need for anything ever. 

It’s the J. Lo of handbags—a true multi-hyphenate. Going to work? Off to hide the body of your friend’s manipulative ex? This bag has got you covered. It nails the size-to-pockets ratio. You know what I’m talking about. Too few pockets, and there’s not enough space to store your lip butters and CVS receipts, so they end up lining the bottom of your bag like the world’s saddest “what’s inside your bag” segment. Too many pockets, and it’s like looking into Hermione’s bag with the undetectable charm, only without the magical ability to call forth exactly what you’re looking for. This bag serves an ideal number of pockets: enough for me to stay organized (as a person who is prone to losing her keys/wallet/anything of importance this is crucial), without micromanaging where I put my valuables. 

It comes in three neutral colors: black, caramel, and stone. It also comes in a 13-inch version and a 15-inch version. AKA your laptop will definitely fit. Also just imagine it as a weekend bag. I mean I schlep my laptop everywhere with me because it feels like I never stop working, so I guess it would still be a work bag. But if you are a person who has work/life boundaries, think of all the fun things you could store in this on the weekend. BBQ-flavored chickpea snacks for the movies. A protein bar to sneakily eat in the cafe you work from instead of spending $16 on a salad. Something non-food related (apparently I am hungry and cannot escape this concept of working all the time). 

Here I am raving about the pockets and snack foods, completely forgetting to mention that, as the name suggests, this bag is also convertible. You can adjust the straps so they go from a backpack to a satchel to a top-handle bag. How many occasions does this bag work for? The limit does not exist.

As if that were not enough, you can get it monogrammed with letters, a heart, a star, or a four leaf clover. If you weren’t already sold you should be now. In short, this bag is perfect for so many things. That’s it. That’s the post.

Photo: Cuyana

Cuyana Convertible Satchel, $425

PS: you need a pair of neon bike shorts in your wardrobe now. And while you’re at it, you probably want to snag an exercise dress as well

T.V.A. Board Member Would “Absolutely Not” Let Family Clean Up Coal Ash


In June 2019, during a Senate committee hearing, a Tennessee businessman named Bill Kilbride told four lawmakers that he would “absolutely not” allow a member of his family to clean up coal ash without a dust mask. He also agreed that coal ash can be dangerous if ingested or inhaled. Taken by themselves, these comments, first reported here by Men’s Journal, are not revelatory: It’s well known that coal ash, a by-product of burning coal to produce electricity, contains arsenic, lead, and a slew of other hazardous particles. But Kilbride was seeking Senate confirmation as a nominee for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s board of directors.

Created as part of the New Deal, T.V.A. is the nation’s largest public utility, operating six coal-fired power plants, three nuclear plants, and nearly 30 hydroelectric dams. As detailed in a recent story in Men’s Journal, on December 22, 2008, one of T.V.A.’s coal-fired power plants spewed a billion gallons of coal ash over 300 acres outside Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s now considered one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, given its scale. Following the spill, T.V.A. and Jacobs Engineering Group, the firm contracted by T.V.A. to oversee the cleanup, told the 900 men and women who responded to the disaster that the coal ash was safe and, with few exceptions, refused or failed to supply them with dust masks or respirators. Now, 40 of those workers are dead and at least 300 are ill. In November 2018, a federal court ruled that Jacobs’s handling of the cleanup could have possibly sickened the workers with leukemia, lung cancer, and coronary artery disease, among other illnesses.

T.V.A. and Jacobs Engineering both maintain that they did nothing wrong concerning the cleanup (litigation is ongoing) and that the coal ash posed no health hazard. Kilbride’s comments before the Senate broke with the latter, long-held position by T.V.A.

When reached by phone today, Kilbride stood by his past statements and said that he wants to learn more about the workers’ allegations. He hesitated to say whether he thought T.V.A. has a responsibility to help the sickened workers cover their medical expenses, should the allegations against Jacobs Engineering be further affirmed in court. But he did say that T.V.A., like any corporation, has an obligation to treat its employees well.

In the past, T.V.A. has favored a litigation strategy when faced with allegations of wrongdoing or negligence. But Kilbride said that if Jacobs or T.V.A. is found to have knowingly endangered the cleanup workers, “I don’t think I’ll have to encourage the board” to help them, adding, “I’d be very surprised if the board turned away from this.” Of his fellow T.V.A. board members, “these are good people,” he said. “I believe at the end of the day they’ll do the right thing.” (In response, a T.V.A. spokesperson said that board members are free to express their personal opinions but that Kilbride’s remarks do not reflect the organization’s official position.)

Since Men’s Journal‘s story about the 2008 coal-ash spill went to press, the magazine has made further discoveries about T.V.A. and Jacobs. T.V.A. falls partially under the jurisdiction of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, which has done little since 2009 to investigate T.V.A.’s handling of the 2008 coal-ash spill. Despite the November 2018 court ruling that Jacobs’s actions could have possibly harmed the cleanup workers, the chairman of the House committee, Peter Defazio, has accepted $3,000 from Jacobs in 2019 and has received $23,000 from it since 2008. In response, Carly Gabrielson, Chairman DeFazio’s campaign manager, said in an email, “Chairman DeFazio engages with Jacobs Engineering on projects related to surface transportation and wastewater in Oregon. He has never spoken with Jacobs about their involvement in the T.V.A. spill cleanup.”

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, the chair of the subcommittee that directly oversees T.V.A, also continued to accept money from Jacobs Engineering following the November 2018 verdict. “I had no knowledge of Jacobs’s involvement in the cleanup of the spill,” she said in an email. “I have never spoken to Jacobs about this situation. I have worked with CH2M Engineering company, which was recently purchased by Jacobs, on water and transportation infrastructure projects in my district and California.”

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works shares jurisdiction over T.V.A. with the House, and its members have also continued to accept political donations from Jacobs. The senators include Jim Inhofe, Kevin Cramer, and Dan Sullivan. Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann—in whose district the 2008 coal-ash spill occurred—has accepted donations from Jacobs Engineering this year as well.

In response to Men’s Journal‘s recent story on the 2008 coal-ash spill, Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr., an attorney for Jacobs, wrote in an email to the magazine, “Jacobs is confident that when all of the evidence is heard in court, it will be clear that none of the conditions claimed by plaintiffs were caused by coal ash—or by anything Jacobs did.”

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will be holding a hearing this month on clean water, during which coal ash will be discussed. Carly Gabrielson, Chairman DeFazio’s campaign manager, added in an email, “The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is holding T.V.A. accountable for the 2008 coal ash spill, especially as it concerns workers and public safety. Thanks to the oversight of the Committee in 2008, T.V.A. was instructed to reform how it deals with coal ash. All oversight of the spill has occurred while Democrats have been in the majority.”

Update. September 7, 11:40 a.m. EST: Quotes from Carly Gabrielson were added to this story after it was first published. An earlier version of this story also made an incorrect generalization about the amount of campaign donations that Chairman Defazio receives. We regret the error.

Meet Bianca Andreescu, the 19-Year-Old Canadian Facing Serena Williams in the US Open Finals


Remember the name Bianca Andreescu. The 19-year-old tennis star is the first Canadian singles player to make it to the US Open finals, and she’s about to face Serena Williams in the upcoming match. Despite withdrawing from Wimbledon earlier this year due to a shoulder injury, Bianca has recovered physically and mentally and has dominated throughout the US Open thus far. She’s currently ranked number 15, and has taken down Katie Volynets, Kirsten Flipkens, Caroline Wozniacki, Taylor Townsend, Elise Mertens, and Belinda Bencic throughout the thrilling tournament. On Saturday, she’ll face Serena in the finals.

Along with rehab for her shoulder and sitting out tournaments, Bianca has been open about her love for meditation and the impact it’s had on her mental stamina. Before she won this year’s Indian Wells tournament, she told WTA Tennis that the first thing she does every morning is meditate. “I don’t only work on my physical aspect. I also work on the mental, because that’s also very, very important. It’s definitely showing through my matches where I’m staying in the present moment a lot of the time. I don’t like to focus on what just happened or in the future,” the athlete said. “I think the mental part is the most important because it controls your whole body, right?”

She’s looked up to players like Venus and Serena, as well as Simona Halep, throughout her entire career, and now, her dreams are becoming a reality. At this time last year, she was ranked 208, now, she’s on a hot streak. As Serena eyes her 24th grand slam title, Bianca eyes her first, and we have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

11 recetas de desayunos sanos, fáciles y rápidos para los que tienen poco tiempo por la mañana


11 recetas de desayunos sanos, fáciles y rápidos para los que tienen poco tiempo por la mañana

Mi comida preferida del día es el desayuno. Si tengo que elegir entre comer o desayunar, elijo desayunar todas las veces. Sin embargo, con la vuelta a la rutina, al trabajo y con los niños teniendo que ir al colegio, hay muchas mañanas que tenemos poco tiempo para prepararnos desayunos. Por suerte, tenemos opciones rápidas y fáciles para desayunar de la manera más sana.

11 desayunos fáciles, sanos y rápidos

  • Porridge de avena con plátano: las gachas o porridge son un plato tradicionalmente escocés, que se consume muy habitualmente en Reino Unido, y que puede sacarnos de un apuro. En tan solo cinco minutos, lo que tarda en hervir la leche, tenemos un desayuno muy completo, delicioso y sencillo.
  • Gachas de avena o porridge con frutas: es muy habitual añadir plátano a las gachas para endulzarlo, como en la receta anterior. Pero no solo de plátano vive el hombre y la ventaja que nos ofrecen el porridge es que podemos añadirle las frutas que más nos gusten sin miedo y de manera rápida. De hecho, podemos dejar las gachas preparadas por la noche y por la mañana al levantarnos añadirle la fruta. Rapidísimo. 


  • Smoothie bowl de fresas, plátano y queso fresco con avena: una batidora, queso batido o yogur, y frutas. Con esto y cinco minutos tenemos un desayuno delicioso. En este caso, como fruta incluímos fresa, plátano y, además, le añadimos crema de almendra, un poco de lima, unos pocos frutos secos y avena. Batimos todo y tenemos nuestro smoothie saludable para la mañana. 
  • Smoothie bowl de mango y plátano con semillas y frutos rojos: siguiendo la misma idea que con el smoothie anterior, este bowl nos da una opción un poco más variada y colmada de fibra y vitamina C, pero igual de rápida y deliciosa. 
  • Tosta de aguacate, bacalao ahumado y cintas de espárragos: las tostadas y tostas son, probablemente, el desayuno más rápido de todos los que nos podemos plantear. Además, nos permite elaborar diferentes combinaciones. Esta, en concreto, nos aporta grasas saludables y omega 3 para empezar el día con la mejor energía. 


  • Tosta de crema de aguacate y queso con zanahoria marinada y anchoas: si preferimos un desayuno que nos aporte proteínas, podemos optar por esta versión de tosta de crema con aguacate, queso con zanahoria y anchoas. No solo nos colmara de proteínas, sino que nos aporta calcio y potasio muy rápido.  
  • Crujiente con pomelo y yogur en vasito: probablemente sea el desayuno más rápido de todos ya que basta con mezclar muesli (casero, preferiblemente), con pomelo, yogur y un poco de miel si nos apetece. Lo que tardemos en mezclar todo en un baso será lo que tardemos en tener el desayuno preparado. 
  • Tortitas de plátano con dos ingredientes: las tortitas son un desayuno delicioso, pero a veces requieren más tiempo del que necesitamos. Sin embargo, con esta versión en la que solo utilizamos dos ingredientes, tardamos muchísimo menos. 
  • Yogur con granola crujiente y fruta fresca: si tenemos la granola ya preparada, tardaremos absolutamente nada en elaborar este desayuno colmado de proteína y fibra. Si tenemos que elaborarla tardaremos un poco más, ya que tendremos que tostar la avena y las semillas. En cualquier caso, podemos dejar el horno trabajando en ello mientras nos duchamos y vestimos. Después es sacar, mezclar con yogur y fruta y listo y delicioso. 


  • Quinoa con leche: la quinoa es uno de esos ingredientes que ha ido adquiriendo mucha fama, pero quizás nunca habíamos pensado en utilizarla para desayunos. Sin embargo, teniendo en cuenta que es un pseudocereal, tiene muchísimo sentido. La buena noticia es que puedes hacer para varios días y que sabe muy parecido al arroz con leche. 
  • Tosta de pan de centeno y nueces con queso fresco, espinacas baby y melocotón: una de mis tostadas favoritas y que más completa me parece es la tostada de pan de centeno con espinacas baby y melocotón. Podemos hacer la combinación que queramos, pero personalmente la combinación del sabor de las espinacas con el del melocotón me parece deliciosa. ¿Qué mejor y más sana forma de empezar el día?

Imágenes  |  Pexels, Vitónica, Directo al Paladar

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11 recetas de desayunos sanos, fáciles y rápidos para los que tienen poco tiempo por la mañana

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Milo Ventimiglia to Play Evel Knievel in New Limited Series


This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia is set to play iconic daredevil Evel Knievel for a new limited series called Evel, according to Variety. It’ll air on USA Network, with production starting sometime in 2020.

The show will be based on the life of Evel Knievel, who gained worldwide notoriety for his stunts, including an attempt to jump across the Snake River Canyon and his then-world record jump over 19 cars at Ontario Motor Speedway. The series doesn’t yet have an episode count, but the previous USA Network series The Sinner, which started as a limited series, has had two eight-episode seasons.

Ventimiglia will serve as an executive producer on the series, which will be the first time that a scripted series has been based on Knievel.

Ventimiglia is no stranger to riding motorcycles. The actor spoke about his love of riding in his Men’s Journal cover story. The star has three custom Harley-Davidson bikes in his garage, as well as a mint condition ’67 Chevy Chevelle that he rebuilt on his own.

“I’ve got a 2016 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S and a 2014 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob that I’ve had a lot of custom work done to,” Ventimiglia said. “And I picked up a 2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, which is a touring bike. I’ve never had one of those before. Tell you what—five in the morning, going to work, it was just cutting through the cold—a really, really nice bike to be on. So now I’m gonna make it my own.”

Ventimiglia originally got his license while working on the show American Dreams, and he’s been riding ever since.

“The longest ride I’ve done so far is Portland to Los Angeles. I did [it] last June with a bunch of friends from Japan and Oregon, and we rode from Portland all the way down south of L.A. to Orange County,” Ventimiglia said. “It was about a four-day trip. Everybody on that ride was on a Harley-Davidson. We were all a pack of Harley fans who love riding and enjoy each other’s company.”

Read Ventimiglia’s full Men’s Journal cover story here, and stay tuned for more updates on Evel as more news gets released.

This Coffee on Amazon Has 10 g of Protein and MCT Oil For Extra Energy – We Need It ASAP


A young LatinX woman wearing a blue and white striped top, with curly hair, happily walks down a New York City street holding an iced coffee.

I’m always rushing from the gym to work and don’t always have time to make a protein-packed breakfast, so when I heard about Kitu Super Coffee ($14 for a pack of four), it definitely caught my attention. One drink to give me the energy I need to conquer the day and the protein I need to repair my muscles after a strenuous workout? I’m in.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the Kitu Super Coffee yet, but I have feeling it’s going to be a gym bag essential. It’s sugar-free, has 10 grams of protein (from whey, but it’s lactose free), 200 mg of caffeine, and MCT oil; sounds pretty super to me! Plus, if you like to mix up your coffee flavors, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in original, hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, and maple pumpkin. I can’t wait to try out the vanilla flavor on the days when I’ve got 30 minutes to get from the gym to the office!

How Parry-Romberg Syndrome Has Changed My Life and Outlook on Self-Esteem Forever


Over the last five years, I’ve watched the left side of my face slowly deteriorate. It started innocently enough, a small scar under my left eye, nothing life-threatening and certainly nothing to be self-conscious about. As the years progressed, the scar grew and grew, and before my doctors or I knew what was happening I had lost a significant amount of mass on the left side of my face. The once inconspicuous scar evolved into a dark indentation, and it demanded attention. Strangers stopped me to ask, “What’s wrong with your face?”

What was wrong with my face? That was the million-dollar question and in 2017, I finally got my answer. I have Parry-Romberg Syndrome, a rare degenerative disorder that slowly deteriorates the skin, muscle, and bone of half of the face. As the disease progresses, it leaves behind scars and dark sunken features that worsen over time and can result in blindness, seizures and other neurological abnormalities.

Parry-Romberg Syndrome (PRS) affects about 1 in 250,000 people and looks different from person to person, which makes diagnosis and treatment challenging. Some people experience symptoms for two years, others for their entire lives. It’s most common in children, but adults can get it, too. And as it often goes with rare diseases, the cause of PRS remains unknown, and ultimately, there is no cure.

My fight with PRS started when I was in my early twenties. And while the physical transformation has been relatively painless, emotionally it’s been a different story. You see PRS didn’t just eat away at my flesh and bone, it also ate away at my identity and self-worth.

Every day I would wake up to a reminder, slapped across my face, that there was something wrong with me and the world did not let me forget it.

Every day I would wake up to a reminder, slapped across my face, that there was something wrong with me and the world did not let me forget it. There was the Argentinian man who, 10 minutes into knowing me, sitting on a train in Myanmar just bluntly asked: “So . . . what the eff is up with your face?” The woman at work who stopped me mid-conversation and physically tried to “wipe something ‘strange’ off my cheek.” The friend who jokingly said “You better lock down a man before this gets worse.” And the complete stranger on the streets of San Francisco, who was so taken aback by my appearance that he thought it appropriate to ask “Honey, is your boyfriend beating you?”

I never knew when these blows were going to come, but they always did, swiftly, silently and with a force that never failed to knock me off my feet. With each of these interactions, and all the questions and stares I’ve gotten through the years, I started to believe that there was something wrong with me and everyone knew it. I became ashamed of my own physical appearance. I felt betrayed by my body. I felt so, so alone.

In order to try to slow the progression of PRS, my doctors put me on methotrexate, a potent auto-immune suppressing drug that is used to treat cancer and other chronic autoimmune diseases. The fatigue I experienced as a result of the methotrexate was off the charts. I’d spend 12 to 14 hours a day in bed, and experienced random waves of nausea – I wasn’t living, I was going through the motions.

Finally, after years living like that, I took the time to look at myself – and I mean really look at myself – and try to understand my relationship with this disease. Ultimately, I asked myself “Who have my actions been serving?” And you know what? It wasn’t me. How was I going to make peace with my circumstances if I held on to all of the pain that PRS has caused me so closely that I never made room for anything or anyone else? How was I ever going to love and respect myself if I couldn’t even be honest about one of the most impactful things in my life?

It’s taken years for me to get to this point, but I feel like I’m finally ready to own my narrative, and let people know exactly what this is, I’m ready to be honest, and if by doing that I can makes even one person that suffers from PRS or any other rare disease feel a little bit more seen and understood, then I’m doing alright.

My journey with Parry-Romberg Syndrome is not over, and quite frankly I don’t know if it ever will be – that’s what scares me the most, not knowing if it will get better, or worse. If I will be part of the PRS community that suffers from seizures, if one day I’ll lose my eyesight, or if one day this will all just stop. But that’s not totally in my control what I can control is the impact I have on the disease, and I’m planning on making the most of that.

hims Is the Lifestyle and Wellness Brand We All Need


As men age, our bodies change. And as our bodies change, we become susceptible to certain maladies. The battle against Father Time wages on, friends, and it sometimes feels like Father Time isn’t a bro at all. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk.

There are plenty of anti-aging treatments and salves for wrinkles. And there are a ton of ways adults can help themselves look and feel younger. But many of these treatments and products are geared toward women. Until now.

Now men can address our anti-aging issues like male-patterned baldness, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction with products and services—even prescriptions—from hims.

hims is designed by men, for men, to address anti-aging personal issues with grace and discretion. It’s not strictly for aging, although that is a large part of it. hims can help any guy feel better about himself with a variety of products for wellness, appearance, and sexual performance—without a visit to the drug store or the doctor’s office.

For generations, gender roles have forced women to seek ways to look younger, while men were expected to age gracefully, suppress emotions, and not act concerned about, let alone discuss, our feelings. Especially when it came to our appearance. But those days are over.

Today’s man feels comfortable addressing his emotions, talking about his feelings, and dealing with aging. And yes, we totally want anti-aging and personal care products designed to deal with the particular health issues men face. That’s where forhims.com comes in.

Thanks to hims, men now have easier, more affordable access to the prescriptions, products, and medical advice we need. Especially about the things we find it hard to talk about.

Get Prescriptions Without the Hassle

At hims, you can also get access to prescription products that you may not feel comfortable discussing face-to-face with your personal doctor, like medication for herpes, and generic Viagra and Cialis for erectile dysfunction. hims puts you in touch with a local physician in your area who will consult with you via your mobile device, asking the appropriate questions and recommending treatment. If a prescription is required, the doctor can write one up. Then you order the product direct from hims, and it’s sent to you in the mail. Discretely, in plain packaging. Casually, without a visit to the doctor’s office or drug store.

hims gets you the treatment you need, at a great price. And you never have to leave your home.

Of course, hims sells plenty of over-the-counter products too, like wrinkle-fighting creams and lotions, hair gel, anti-aging vitamins and supplements, and acne medication. And there are plenty of products at hims to improve your rest and recovery, and general well-being. But it’s so much more than that.

hims is a one-stop online drug store, where guys can get the treatment we need, at a price that’s fair, and not be worried about sideways glances from strangers or discussing personal issues with people we’re not comfortable with.

We’ve put together a few great products you can get at forhims.com without a prescription. Check it out.

This easy high-fiber cheesecake doesn’t even require an oven to make


Think there’s no such thing as a healthy and delicious cheesecake? Think again.

There’s a reason why The Cheesecake Factory has a 45-minute wait during prime time dinner hours at every major mall across America. Who doesn’t love cheesecake? But when I called up a dietitian a few months ago to ask if there was a somewhat healthy dessert order at the beloved chain restaurant, all I heard were crickets on the other line of the phone.

Thankfully, cheesecake isn’t automatically off the (healthy) table. Leave it to chefs Mia Rigden and Jenny Dorsey, the hosts of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, to give the classic dessert a healthier twist as well as make it 100-percent vegan and high in fiber and protein.

For the crust, the chefs use raw walnuts, pitted medjool dates, sea salt, cinnamon, and cardamom—warming spices to round out the flavor. Dates are a great way to add sugar without using the refined stuff, and they also offer lots of other nutrients, says Rigden. “[Dates are] a wonderful source of fiber,” she says, key for a healthy digestive system, while also adding in some antioxidants and vitamins and minerals (like potassium).

Plus, with the walnuts in the crust and the cashews in the cashew cream base of the cheesecake, you’re getting lots of protein along with omega-3 fatty acids, copper (which is good for collagen production), and yes, more antioxidants. That means every slice of this dessert is both high-protein and high-fiber—a major nutritional win.

The absolute best part: You don’t even have to use the oven to make this dessert tonight. Sold yet? Watch the video to see exactly how it’s done, and let them eat cake!

Another healthier, vegan dessert you’ll love: this birthday cake. And here are 10 desserts that are all low-glycemic