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Fitness and fat loss articles and news

How Real-Life Pro Wrestler Kia Stevens Found Her 'GLOW'


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Kia Stevens has found a new fanbase thanks to the runaway success of the hit Netflix comedy, GLOW, built around the trials and tribulations of a female wrestling troupe that find themselves grappling with the twists and turns of life in-and-out of the ring. For Kia, this is more than an acting gig, it’s a mirror on her own trials from a real-life career in and around the squared circle.

Known to millions of pro wrestling fans for her performances in Japan under the name “Amazing Kong,” Kia appeared in WWE as “Kharma” and is now involved with All Elite Wrestling under the name “Awesome Kong.”

Kia has played the role of Tammé Dawson since the original season of GLOW, portraying a mother wrestling under the name of the “Welfare Queen.” It is a multifaceted character that explores the life of an African-American woman who, far from simply taking benefits as her wrestling gimmick suggests, works all hours to put her son through college, performing as a hated stereotype to hostile crowds as a means of paying the bills. Kia is able to bring a real-life pro wrestling career and her own cultural experiences to the show’s loyal audience.

Muscle & Fitness talked exclusively to the hybrid actor-athlete and found out more about GLOW Season 3, AEW, her outlook on breaking boundaries, and recent body transformation.

M&F: GLOW has become one of the most entertaining shows on Netflix. How did you originally become involved?

Kia Stevens: A friend of mine, who has become a Hollywood agent, called me. He and I used to work together in wrestling and he knew that I used to be in acting before I became a wrestler and that my goal was to become an actress again. So he called to let me know that GLOW had a script, and they were making a show and I should go out for it. I went out first for [the part of] Cherry, and they didn’t think I was exactly right for that, but they loved my reading. And so, they said I was right for Tammé and the rest is history!

Many of the GLOW cast members have expressed their respect for you, as a legit pro wrestler. Did you feel like you had responsibility to explain to some of the girls that pro wrestling is harder than it looks and is very physical?

Oh, I did, definitely. I did give input on their training and they were extremely receptive. It worked out.

[Before shooting begins] we have a training camp for a whole month (led by legendary wrestler Chavo Guerrero) so, we do different kinds of training exercises to help them learn the wrestling moves. This [season] was a little different because we wanted to have the ladies augment their movements. They had to roll safely, land safely—things like that. Because as actresses, there’s no need for much input on their characters, just the safety.

Have you been surprised by the massive worldwide success of GLOW?

So, I’m looking on the inside, out. It’s different for me, you know? People say it’s a massive hit and I’m so excited. To us, it’s our little show that we make with our casting crew that we love so much and we have such a good time on set. It’s our little show that we share with the world, and I’m just so happy that the world loves it.

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One week to GLOW! #GLOW #NETFLIX

A post shared by Kia Stevens (@spinningfist) on Jun 22, 2018 at 12:34pm PDT

In GLOW Season 3, your character now finds herself in Las Vegas with the rest of the gang. What can we look forward to?

This season I am excited to tell a story that I’m familiar with, and almost all wrestlers can identify with. I’m very excited that people are going to get a deeper look at the sacrifice it takes to be a performer of this caliber.

You are still very much involved with the world of pro wrestling, appearing for All Elite Wrestling as of late. Can we hope to see more of you in AEW?

I think you may! I think you very well may.

Maybe we will get to see you in the ring once more with Aja Kong?

Oh yes, I think that would be a treat for the world. The clash of the two Kongs, right!?

Judging by your social media posts, you’re looking great. As one of pro wrestling’s traditional heavyweights, what has been your approach to fitness and nutrition recently?

My husband and I have been preparing a lot of meals ourselves. We make meals which are healthy and proportionately sound. Living in LA there are a lot of health trends, which helps me to identify things that I actually like to eat, that have a health kick. If you would have asked me seven years ago what a quinoa was, I couldn’t have told you.

You’ve always been someone who has challenged perceptions. First, you helped change the perception of females in wrestling, and now you are on a highly entertaining show written by, and starring some very talented women. How proud are you of these things?

I’m extremely proud, especially since, you know, I literally have been told I would never make it in wrestling, or that all the odds were against it, which is true for anyone aspiring to do what we do. However, I believe that you put one foot in front of the other, theoretically, and that’s how I got here.

Looking ahead, if there is a fourth season of GLOW, would you be open to returning?

Ooh, I would love to… Even on days when I’m not working, I love to come in and see what they’re filming [on GLOW and] what they’re doing, because it goes by so quickly. We only film for about three or four months. It goes by so fast, and I want to soak up every single moment. It’s my dream job.

What’s next?

Right now, I’m working with a very talented actor, writer and producer, Nic Alexander. We are writing a program ourselves because being a woman of color, I want to give opportunities for women of color to make it a little easier [to find work in the entertainment industry] than I had it.

Kia Stevens reprises her role as Tammé “Welfare Queen” Dawson on GLOW, Season 3, beginning Aug. 9.


Try the Insane HIIT Circuit Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Calls the “Devil’s Workout”


Regardless of who’s your favorite Avenger, Chris Hemsworth has arguably the most impressive physique of any Marvel superhero. You might not be a 6’3″ brute of a man hailing from Australia, but you can certainly learn a thing or two from Hemsworth’s training regimen. Even when he’s not prepping to become a Norse god, the actor likes to stay fit with metabolic workouts that torch fat and build total-body muscle.

He often posts at-home and gym sessions with long-time trainer Luke Zocchi, who’s responsible for refining Hemsworth’s physique for the Thor and Avengers franchises.

The latest training video features Hemsworth and Zocchi working through the “Devil’s Workout”: six exercises for six reps and six total rounds. Hemsworth jokes you can rest one minute between rounds or “just throw up and power through,” as there’s no rest between individual exercises. Here’s the breakdown of moves:

1. Deadlift to Overhead Triceps Extension w/ EZ Curl Bar
2. Feet-Elevated TRX Row
3. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge w/ Overhead Press
4. Ring Chinups
5. Squat on BOSU Ball w/ Resistance Band Flye
6. Rotational (Around the World) Med Ball Slams

Watch the video for exercise demonstrations, then try the routine out for yourself.

Want some more Hemsworth-worthy training ideas? Check out:

This 79-Year-Old Arm Wrestler is Still Kicking Ass and Taking Names


Norm Devio’s arms are impressive for a man of any age, never mind for a 79-year-old. But his biceps aren’t just for show—Devio has used his guns to win hundreds of arm wrestling contests over the past 45 years, and he’s still regularly whipping men a quarter of his age.

The 5’7, 155-pound senior regularly curls a 110-pound barbell for three sets of 10, and does chin-ups, pull-ups, and press-ups every day in his Massachusetts home to keep every part of his arms chiseled as hell.

You can see one of his unlucky opponents struggle to even budge Devio’s arm before the veteran arm wrestler makes quick work of him in this video:

Devio, a former high school gym teacher, has been competing since 1975 and has won more than 500 trophies, including 25 national titles in various leagues. He’s won with both his left and right arms, sitting down, and standing up. He also placed second at the 1996 World Arm Wrestling Championships. In other words, he’s just about done it all as far as arm wrestling is concerned.

Devio’s arm-wrestling prowess is so iconic, he was recruited to teach Sylvester Stallone some arm-wrestling techniques for Over the Top, a 1987 movie in which Sly portrays a professional arm wrestler. According to The New York Times, though, Stallone never really picked up on it.

“I could tell he wasn’t very good,” Devio, who claimed he won a practice match against the actor, told the paper.

Devio—who sometimes goes by “Mr. Rope Veins“—still competes in tournaments today, and every Thursday night meets with fellow arm wrestlers to work on their technique.

You can see some photos of him training and in action here.


Cardio Can Help You Get Stronger, but There's 1 Caveat, According to This Exercise Physiologist


Cardio is synonymous with burning fat, but can cardio help you get stronger and build muscle? Yes, it may help you get stronger, but no, it won’t necessarily help you build muscle, according to Jason Machowsky, RD, CSSD, CSCS, a board-certified sports dietitian and exercise physiologist at the Hospital For Special Surgery’s Tisch Sports Performance Center.

Can Exercise Combat Jet Lag?


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Fit celebrities like UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who travels quite a bit for work, have alluded to using exercise to “knock down jet lag,” on Instagram posts.



While chest presses and burpees are great ways to grow your pecs and burn fat, we’re skeptical on if they’d actually improve your sleep after entering a new time zone. To find out if working out can help fight jet lag, we asked William Chris Winter, M.D., a sleep specialist and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How To Fix It.

“Yes and no,” Winter says. “I think if you’re using exercise to inspire a little sleepiness or you’re sleepy and you need to wake up and postpone your bedtime, then sure. Our brain looks to exercise to determine where it is in a sleep cycle.” In other words, exercise itself won’t have any direct effect on your post-travel grogginess. 

Jet lag occurs when an individual’s internal clock is thrown off. Eating, training, and sleeping are all elements that contribute to our circadian rhythm, or a biological schedule dictated by everyday patterns. When you enter a new timezone, you take your body out of its natural routine. “If at 3 in the afternoon is when you eat, your body is releasing your digestive enzymes for that cobb salad,” Winter says. “Then, if you’re eating pasta alfredo in Italy in the middle of the night where you’re from, you’re surprising your brain with these factors.”


For trips with a more extreme time change, the best way to nip jet lag in the bud is to start before you leave. “Start moving your schedule closer to the schedule you’re going to be on,” Winter says. You can start to eat, sleep, and workout closer to when you would in a new time zone. If you’re not able to get into a new routine, then be prepared to suffer through a day or so of adjusting. Winter also notes that traveling east to west is easier to acclimate to as, “it’s easier to postpone a drive like eating or sleeping versus hastening it,” he says. “If you’re not hungry, you’re just not hungry.”

The severity of which jet lag can occur is a person-to-person case, says Winter. Even an hour can throw some people off. However, if you take a couple of domestic trips per year, then you probably don’t have to worry much about the side effects of jet lag, which, Winter says, include drowsiness, digestive issues, and irritability and moodiness. “But if your job has you moving back and forth a lot, it can actually be quite bad,” he adds. In the long term, Winter says that jet lag has been shown to induce insomnia and that a severe lack of sleep is as dangerous as carcinogens.

So, is exercise the cure for jet lag? Not really, but it can help you establish a timezone-friendly routine when you arrive. That said, Winter warns against pushing yourself too hard too soon.

“If you feel incapacitated by the jet lag, then back off,” Winter says. “I think that it’s common sense to not do something really intense if you don’t feel up to it. But if you feel up for it you can do whatever you want, there’s no real danger.”


This is the perfect week to find love, astrologically—here’s why


The week ahead brings some of the sweetest, but also complicated, aspects we’ll see this summer. It’s a highly evolutionary week.

Let’s start with the sweet!

The sun and Venus, which travel close to one another in the sign of Leo, make a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Yes. This positive alignment boasts the expansion of love and growth. It adds ease and beauty to the cosmic atmosphere. A trine represents an angle of manifestation. Venus and Jupiter are planets that correlate with good luck, good fortune, growth, and love. The blended energy of the sun, Venus, and Jupiter—all in fire signs—provides momentum and positive opportunities to experience motivation.

To sweeten the pot, Jupiter—the planet that represents good luck, good fortune, and abundance—stations direct on Sunday, August 11, after a multi-month retrograde journey, too. With July in our rearview mirror, and the dust from the eclipses and Mercury in retrograde now beginning to settle, allow this week of peak summer vibes to provide you with healing—especially for love and money.

The moon waxes in Libra—a sign that Venus rules—on Monday and Tuesday. The moon in Libra, known for balance, asks us to nourish and nurture our relationships. Vacation season in full effect means that work could potentially feel slow this week. If so, take advantage. Get that phone call in to your parents or your godparents that you’ve needed to make. Call your girlfriends and make plans for a fitness class followed by outdoor dining. Take the time to nourish and nurture the most important relationships in your life.

If you are single and looking, this week provides stellar cosmic support to meet someone, or advance a situation already in play. (And if either happens, please know it’s fated.)

Speaking of relationships, if you are single and looking, this week provides stellar cosmic support to meet someone, or advance a situation already in play. (And if either happens, please know it’s fated.) While the moon waxes in Libra, pay close attention to the invitations and people coming your way. July brought challenging aspects for love; however, now the tables turn. If you get asked out on a date, seriously consider taking it.

Jupiter and the sun trine early in the morning on Wednesday, at 3:31 a.m. Eastern, to be exact. This fire trine builds Monday and Tuesday. Then, on Thursday, Venus trines Jupiter at 4:27 p.m. Eastern, meaning Wednesday brings another layer of beauty, too. Both the sun and Jupiter travel in the signs they rule. Things could fall into place as if by design. And, if that weren’t enough, the sun and Venus are preparing for their conjunction next week, too. The sun-and-Venus conjunction elevates positivity even more, adding a mega-dose of opulence in the air.

When it comes to your profession and money, take advantage of the next two weeks.

When it comes to your profession and money, take advantage of the next two weeks. Venus helps us connect to your values. Venus’ trine to Jupiter amplifies its regality, inviting you to go deeper into your heart and discover the most profound essence of your needs. What is it you most want to to do with your career? Are you getting paid what you need to survive? Are you saving your money? Do you have a wise investment strategy? These are all questions to consider now.

That’s the easy part, now’s here’s the challenging part.

While the sun and Venus make a favorable trine to Jupiter this week, they both also make a quincunx to Saturn first, then the south node, and last Pluto. (Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto conjoin in a Capricorn Stellium.) Simultaneously, the sun and Venus also make a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. A quincunx, known as an inconjunct, asks us to eliminate what’s not working. The two quincunx’s (the inconjuncts) happen with a sextile between Neptune and Saturn/South Node/Pluto also. These aspects will be in full roar from August 9 to August 13.

When you bring this all together, Venus and the sun, form a Yod configuration. A yod highlights a focal point of fate or something that feels unavoidable. A yod configuration, also known as a finger of God, is somewhat rare and asks for focus.

A yod configuration, also known as a finger of God, is somewhat rare and asks for focus.

Venus and Jupiter become even more highlighted, meaning all of this gives way to divine power. It’s an evolutionary activity on behalf of love. There’s a tremendous amount of planetary focus on elevating the feminine.

Truth: this will feel intense, and, it will also bring you into alignment with your most authentic purpose and sense of power.

The week ahead asks you to notice and push back on internalized patriarchy, both within yourself and in the world. The universe asks you to stand up for your most genuine beliefs. This is highly locomotive and instigates action. Given that the sun and Venus conjunction forms the point of this yod while trining Jupiter, it’s time to turn up the volume on feminine values like love and compassion.

With the country reeling from multiple mass shootings, Venus beckons us to take a stand for love.

With the country reeling from multiple mass shootings, Venus beckons us to take a stand for love. Venus represents the feminine archetype with her fiercest love. As she trines Jupiter this week, we can expect a lot of passion, and bold alliances with personal and political values. Healing is very possible. Tune into it and own it.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

Estos son los ganadores de los CrossFit Games 2019


Estos son los ganadores de los CrossFit Games 2019

Después de un fin de semana de infarto en el que hemos podido disfrutar de una nueva edición de los CrossFit Games, ya tenemos nuevos campeones: este año Mat Fraser y Tia-Clair Toomey han vuelto a coronarse como Fittest on Earth o “los más en forma del mundo”, repitiendo así el primer puesto del año pasado.

Mat Fraser: ganador de los CrossFit Games 2019

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Mat Fraser no defrauda, y un año ha más ha conseguido ser coronado como el hombre más en forma del mundo, tras ganar los CrossFit Games por cuarto año consecutivo, igualando así la hazaña de su compatriota Rich Froning.

Aunque este año no ha podido ganar con una diferencia de puntos tan notable como en años anteriores (el norteamericano Noah Ohlsen venía pisándole los talones), Fraser ha terminado en primera posición en cinco de los doce eventos de los CrossFit Games, consiguiendo finalmente un total de 984 puntos.

Esta vez Fraser se lo ha jugado todo en la última carta: en cuestión de horas paso de estar en segunda posición, perdiendo por 35 puntos frente a Ohlsen, a robarle el primer puesto con 25 puntos de ventaja, justo antes de enfrentarse en el evento final, donde se ha decidido todo.

¿Conseguirá batir el récord de Froning y ganar los CrossFit Games por quinta vez consecutiva? Tendremos que esperar al año que viene para comprobarlo; de momento ya sabemos que Fraser es una apuesta segura.

Tia-Clair Toomey: ganadora de los CrossFit Games 2019

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La australiana ha demostrado una gran superioridad a lo largo de todos los eventos de los CrossFit Games 2019, quedando en primera posición en cinco de los doce eventos de la competición.

Con una forma física increíble, Toomey repite así por tercer año consecutivo la victoria en los CrossFit Games, consiguiendo así la gran hazaña de no haberse bajado del podium desde que comenzó a tomar parte en esta competición: fue segunda en 2015 y 2016, por detrás de la islandesa Katrin Davidsdottir, y consiguió el primer puesto en 2017 y 2018.

Durante toda la competición hemos podido ver a Toomey como clara líder de las competidoras femeninas, terminando con un total de 1071 puntos (195 puntos por encima de la noruega Kristin Holte, que ha terminado segunda). el podium femenino lo ha completado la también neozelandesa Jamie Greene, con 851 puntos. 

Con esta victoria, Toomey establece un nuevo récord de victorias femeninas consecutivas en los CrossFit Games, ¿conseguirá mantener su corona el año que viene?

Imágenes | Mat Fraser, Noah Ohlsen, Tia-Clair Toomey

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Estos son los ganadores de los CrossFit Games 2018

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Estos son los ganadores de los CrossFit Games 2019

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Tainted Pork, Ill Consumers and an Investigation Thwarted


Drug-resistant infections from food are growing. But powerful industry interests are blocking scientists and investigators from getting information they need to combat the problem.

Entrena tus piernas en el gimnasio con la prensa: una rutina para evitar cargar demasiado tu espalda


Entrena tus piernas en el gimnasio con la prensa: una rutina para evitar cargar demasiado tu espalda

Seguramente que en más de una ocasión hemos dejado de hacer piernas porque nos acaba doliendo la espalda y se acaba cargando la zona lumbar. Esto es un problema que hace que dejemos la pierna de lado y por ello nosotros en este post queremos dar alguna solución al respecto.

Para muchos de nosotros, el dolor lumbar a la hora de hacer piernas es una constante, por ello hay que buscar soluciones para no dejar de entrenar la pierna. Es importante que trabajemos cada semana los músculos que conforman las piernas. Para solucionarlo nosotros queremos plantear una rutina que podemos realizar únicamente con la prensa, trabajando cada grupo muscular de las piernas.

 El respaldo en la prensa de piernas es fundamental para apoyar la espalda y que ésta se mantenga totalmente segura durante todo el ejercicio 

La prensa es un aparato que se presenta de diferentes maneras en las salas de entrenamiento. A pesar de todo todas las prensas tienen un hilo conductor común, que es el asiento que nos permite apoyar la espalda y con ello protegerla. Este respaldo hace que la zona lumbar quede más recogida y por ello no desviemos tensión a esta parte.

Algunos consejos para utilizar correctamente la prensa de piernas

A pesar de todo, nosotros queremos dar una serie de consejos antes de comenzar. La prensa es una buena alternativa, pero no es infalible si no se tiene una serie de cuidados en cuenta. Ante todo, es necesario que antes de utilizar la prensa sepamos cómo funciona. Simplemente debemos sentarnos en ella, apoyar completamente la espalda, y dejar que sean las piernas las que hagan todo el trabajo.

Siempre debemos tener en cuenta una serie de cuidados. Como hemos dicho, la espalda debe apoyarse al completo en el respaldo de la máquina. Una vez apoyada es necesario que tengamos en cuenta, que a la hora de bajar la carga, nunca la parte de la pelvis o la zona baja de la espalda se separe del respaldo. Esto dependerá mucho de la flexibilidad de cada uno, para evitarlo podemos ajustar el respaldo, pues tiene diferentes posiciones.

Las piernas siempre deben estar colocadas sobre la plataforma, y los pies deben estar apoyados totalmente en esta plataforma.  De esta manera conseguiremos que sean los músculos que conforman las piernas los que realizan el trabajo. Es necesario que tengamos esto en cuenta, pues las piernas serán las palancas para realizar el movimiento y levantar la carga. 

A la hora de elevar la carga con las piernas, nunca debemos bloquear la rodillas. Como hemos visto en anteriores ocasiones, la rodillas puede sufrir mucho a la hora de entrenar las piernas y la prensa no es infalible en este caso. Por ello, es necesario que a la hora de elevar la carga, no estiremos del todo las piernas para que las rodillas no se queden bloqueadas. Es decir, lo ideal es, al terminar el recorrido, dejar que las rodillas se queden ligeramente flexionadas. De este modo, nunca desviaremos la tensión a las rodilla. 

Cometer errores al entrenar las piernas en prensa, pueden hacer que nos hagamos daño, por ello es importante prevenir estos fallos

También es importante que la carga que elijamos sea la adecuada. Nunca debemos sobrecargar, ya que de este modo lo que conseguiremos será hacer que intervengan otras partes, como la espalda. En muchos casos, cometemos algunas trampas como ayudarnos con los brazos para levantar la carga. Es decir, los brazos en este caso no sirven como palanca a la hora de elevar la carga. Deben estar colocados en los laterales o sobre el pecho, pero nunca de palanca para ayudar a las piernas a propulsarse. Si no podemos, es mejor bajar la carga, y que sean las piernas las que trabajen de verdad. 

Una vez conocidos algunos de los fallos que solemos cometer al utilizar la prensa, es necesario que tengamos en cuenta que la prensa nos servirá para entrenar las piernas. Pero, no hay que olvidar que es una máquina, por lo que el peso que vamos a utilizar nunca será libre, ni nos permitirá realizar una serie de movimientos que no sean los que la propia máquina marca.

Press de prensa tradicional en máquina. Ideal para cuádriceps e isquitibiales 

Como primera alternativa para esta rutina de entrenamiento con prensa, lo que vamos a proponer es un ejercicio tradicional de press de prensa. Para la realización de este ejercicio, debemos sentarnos en la prensa apoyando la espalda por completo al respaldo y las piernas las colocaremos paralelas en la plataforma.  La puntera de los pies debe sobresalir  un poquito por delante de las rodillas. Los pies nos colocaremos paralelos y las piernas ligeramente separadas.

En esta postura, que es la tradicional y la habitual que solemos realizar en la prensa de piernas, lo que haremos será trabajar principalmente los cuádriceps y los isquiotibiales, incidiendo de menor medida en los glúteos. Es importante que todo el ejercicio lo realicemos de manera lenta, sobre todo en el descenso,  para hacer que los músculos implicados trabajen de la manera que buscamos.

Debemos colocar los pies apoyados en la plataforma de manera paralela y ligeramente separados

Para la realización de este ejercicio, lo que haremos serán cuatro series de 12 repeticiones cada una. Es necesario que durante todo el ejercicio tengamos en cuenta la importancia que tiene no separar la parte baja de la espalda del respaldo. A la hora de trabajar en prensa con ambas piernas, el peso que vamos a levantar, seguramente sea mayor que en otros ejercicios. Esto es debido a que intervienen ambas piernas. Pero esto no nos debe caer en el error de sobrecargarnos, ya que esto hará que realicemos mal el ejercicio. 

Press con pies adelantados y apoyados en los talones únicamente, para trabajar la parte trasera de las piernas

En segundo lugar, el ejercicio que vamos a realizar también se desarrollará en prensa, con los pies adelantados y apoyados en los talones. En esta ocasión lo que vamos hacer es trabajar sobre todo la parte de los isquiotibiales y los glúteos. Para ello la colocación será la misma la espalda totalmente apoyada en el respaldo solo que en Esta ocasión la posición de los pies variará ya que los vamos apoyar de manera paralela pero únicamente posando los talones en la base.

Al apoyar únicamente los talones en la base, lo que haremos será desviar toda la atención a los músculos de la parte trasera de las piernas. De este modo, lo que conseguiremos será trabajar de otra manera las piernas. Es importante que al elevar la carga las puntas de los pies las saquemos hacia fuera. De este modo estaremos dando mucho más énfasis en el movimiento e incidiendo mucho más en los músculos trabajados.

Los pies los colocaremos adelantados y apoyados por los talones. Las puntas de los pies las adelantaremos y giraremos para dar más énfasis en el movimiento

En este caso también realizaremos cuatro series de 12 repeticiones cada una.  La carga que vamos a utilizar es mucho menor que la anterior ya que el apoyo de los pies en la plataforma es mucho más pequeño. Es importante que controlemos todo el movimiento y que realicemos descensos y ascensos de forma lenta y totalmente conscientes de los músculos con los que vamos a trabajar.

Press de prensa con las piernas y pies juntos para trabajar la parte externa de los cuadríceps

Como tercera opción, nos vamos a detener en otro ejercicio que vamos a llevar a cabo también con la prensa de piernas. En este caso la colocación de las piernas va a variar el resto. El resto del cuerpo lo vamos a colocar como siempre, apoyando la espalda totalmente en el respaldo y en este caso, los pies los vamos a colocar en la parte central de la plataforma y juntos apenas separados por un palmo.

De este modo vamos a incidir mucho más en la parte de los cuádriceps y en la parte de los aductores. El movimiento va a ser exactamente igual que las anteriores veces, ya que  consistirá en elevar la carga mediante la acción de las piernas. Solamente que al variar la posición de los pies, en este caso estaremos trabajando otros músculos que anteriormente no hemos trabajado directamente.

Colocaremos las piernas y los pies juntos para trabajar los cuádriceps de manera más concentrada

Como en los anteriores ejercicios, vamos a recomendar la realización de cuatro series de 12 repeticiones cada una. Es importante que en este caso la carga que vamos a utilizar sea también controlada. Éste control de la carga se debe a que en este caso vamos a trabajar de una manera mucho más concentrada en la parte de los cuádriceps, y por ello el peso que vamos a elevar no puede ser tan grande. Para realizar correctamente el ejercicio es necesario que seamos conscientes de cada movimiento y que realicemos, tanto ascensos como descensos, de manera controlada y lenta.

Press lateral para trabajar los glúteos

Como cuarta alternativa vamos a destacar un ejercicio en el que nos vamos a centrar sobre todo en el trabajo de los glúteos. Se trata de un ejercicio más complejo que los anteriores, ya que no nos vamos a colocar sentado sobre la plataforma, ni con la espalda totalmente apoyada. En este caso lo que vamos hacer va a ser colocarnos de manera lateral sobre la plataforma sacando parte del cuerpo hacia fuera. La pierna que está más alejada de la plataforma la elevaremos y será la que apoyaremos sobre la plataforma por completo.

Con la pierna que está más pegada, lo que haremos será doblarla por la rodilla, y dejada apoyada contra el asiento. Al sacar medio cuerpo hacia afuera del asiento, lo vamos inclinar hacía delante, y con el brazo más cercano al suelo, lo que haremos será apoyarlo. De este modo nos quedaremos apoyados de manera lateral, y en un ángulo en el que solo trabajará la parte de los glúteos.

En esta postura, lo que haremos será elevar y descender con una sola pierna la carga. Para ello, el peso que vamos a utilizar será mucho menor que el que hemos usado en los anteriores ejercicios. No olvidemos que todo el empuje se va a concentrar en la parte de los glúteos, y por ello debemos realizar un movimiento aislado  y controlado en todo momento.

Nos colocaremos de manera lateral con una sola pierna, que será la que eleve la carga en cada momento

Recomendamos la realización de cuatro series de 12 repeticiones cada una. Al igual que en los anteriores ejercicios descritos, lo recomendable en todo momento es controlar cada movimiento de subida y bajada. Con este control, lo que vamos a conseguir es que realicemos un mejor trabajo muscular en la parte en la que queremos incidir con el ejercicio.

Con esta sencilla rutina en prensa, lo que queremos es daros alternativas para no dejar abandono el entrenamiento de piernas. Es una de las mejores alternativas para todos los que suelen hacerse daño en la espalda por una mala ejecución en sentadillas y demás ejercicios tradicionales de pierna. Además, esta rutina es una buena alternativa para entrenar las piernas de otra manera. 

Es una buena manera de alternar un entrenamiento tradicional, y más convencional de piernas, con otro diferente. No olvidemos que alternar diferentes tipos de entrenamiento, nos ayudará a trabajar las fibras musculares desde otra perspectiva. De este modo, lo que conseguiremos será incidir mucho más en un buen trabajo muscular.

Imágenes | Unsplash

Video 1 | Youtube/ JAVICHO FIT

Video 2 | Youtube/ Musculo Tube

Video 3 | Youtube/ Yonas

Video 4 | Youtube/ Musculo Tube

Video 5 | Youtube/ Europa Sport Nutrition

En Vitónica |  ¿Qué elegir: prensa o sentadillas?

En Vitónica |  Una sencilla rutina de piernas para todos

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La noticia

Entrena tus piernas en el gimnasio con la prensa: una rutina para evitar cargar demasiado tu espalda

fue publicada originalmente en




Transgender Lifter Janae Marie Kroc to Compete for IFBB Pro Card in Men's Division


Transgender and gender fluid powerlifter Janae Marie Kroc, born Matthew Raymond, recently announced on Instagram that she will return to competitive bodybuilding and pursue her IFBB pro card—in the men’s category.

You can see her announcement below:




After much thought and discussion I have decided to return to competition. I will be working with Justin Harris @troponin_nutrition and my goal will be to obtain my IFBB pro card. This was the goal I was pursuing when I was outted in 2015 and it subsequently took a back seat to everything else that was going on in my life. I am a competitor by nature and without a specific goal to focus on my training since that time has lacked direction and intensity. Recommitting to this goal excites me and I’m looking forward to grinding away in the gym again like I was always known for. Above all else the main goal will be to bring my all time best to the stage, to be bigger and leaner than I have ever been. Since I’m certain many of you you are wondering and will be asking I’ll just address it now. I will be competing in the men’s division (notice I did not say “as a male”) and no this does not change the fact that I’m trans/genderfluid/nonbinary. This also says nothing about my beliefs concerning trans athletes and fair competition only what I feel is right for me. So along with everything else that I feel is important to talk about you can expect to see more posts regarding training, nutrition, and the like. #transgender #genderfluid #nonbinary #gendernonconforming #genderqueer

A post shared by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on Jul 29, 2019 at 12:18pm PDT


Janae had a very successful powerlifting and bodybuilding career before her 2015 transition. Competing as Matt, she was named the Arnold Classic WPO Powerlifting Middleweight Champion in 2006, and later accomplished a 2,551-pound total lift (738-pound bench, 810-pound deadlift, and 1,003-pound squat) at the UPA Powerlifting Nationals in 2009—it was a world record in the 220-pound weight class at the time, but was broken about a year later.

Her career was put on hold in 2015 when she came out as transgender, shortly after a video outing her began to go viral. In an exclusive interview with M&F, Janae said she was done hiding.

“I can remember being five, six years old and already having these feelings of needing to be female,” Janae said. “I would daydream about being a girl. I’d be doing the things I’d normally do, but doing them as a girl. There was a lot of shame. I didn’t know why I felt that way.”

Since going public with her transition, Janae hasn’t competed in any shows, but it’s clear she hasn’t stopped lifting either.

Although she uses female pronouns, Janae identifies as gender fluid—meaning her gender identity is not fixed. “I have a female gender identity, but … everything traditionally that describes being feminine doesn’t necessarily apply to me,” she told The Independent. “Sometimes I’m more feminine or more masculine, and there’s movement with that.” 

Competing in the men’s category, she said on Instagram, will not change how she identifies herself, and it says nothing about her beliefs regarding trans athletes and fair competition. She simply feels that competing in the men’s category is what’s right for her. 

The IFBB Professional League did not immediately comment on Janae’s announcement.